Matte Black Mercedes-Benz AMG GT C Edition 50

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Last weekend I went by Mercedes Benz of Bonita Springs to see some of my friends who work there and got the chance to check out 1 of only 50 AMG GT C Edition 50 Roadsters in the USA they have at their dealership! The car is a sinister matte black and comes stock with aggressive cosmetic upgrades looking like the AMG GTR.

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A-List Marcus says:


J b says:

This is the one

jimi hendrix says:

Beautiful car, ugly wheels.

app mail says:

White House To Order This Jason Allen Text Free 516-737-0307

Haris Nezirevic says:

What hell do you have to go through WHEN you get a stone chip or someone decides to key this kind of paint?

Lucas Luraka says:

anyone knows the price when it was released? USD / Euro
Thank you

yves2075 says:

The obvious raison d'être for AMG GTs is to make people dream, then buy an SL. Issue is, the recent SLs are so badly designed (with that Sedan-like front end), they're pissed off and walk away. An SL 63 AMG of the early 2000's is your only choice after you've salivated at a GT and been put off by recent SLs.

Marjan Gegov says:

Lewis Hamilton

Luke101 says:

only 50 in the US?? Damn… I saw one parked at my local walgreens

Claus Wolfgang Meyer says:

“Ein Schönes Auto” erscheint in jeder Farbe “S c h o e n” !

Suranat Lim says:

If have ev version i will buy one

Mohamed Hwitat says:

بسم الله ماشاء الله تبارك الرحمن ربي يكون لي نصيب فيها أللهم ارزقنا من عندك يا الله يا رحمن ياارحم الراحمين يارب الفقراء والمستظعفين يارب

Rony Mejia says:

Great car dream car fantastic😂💪🏝🏖

king zulu 13 says:

Best cars on planet earth. MB.

Anar Baqirova says:

Ela super masindi

reza bigli says:

you're filming so badly, like fuck

100Gramowich says:

good or bad ?

Greg Castillo says:

Dream car 😍

An McCLO says:

not black
enough blacken
the rear
silver head
frames, seats,
and all
the Mercedes AMG
symbols, live
me happily on
the edge
for this,
much money

Hockey Dad says:

Looks nice. Too bad the quality of Mercedes is shit.

philippe pommier says:

No hard top,ill go for a portofino ferrari.

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