MCDONALD'S DRIVE THRU with My McLaren Senna!

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Any excuse for a drive in the McLaren Senna, and in this case it just so happened that I felt like taking the new car to the McDonald’s Drive Thru to see if this would actually work… The Senna is about the most impractical car for the purpose with tiny windows, a low carbon splitter and no cup holders but let’s see how it goes?!

To celebrate the Senna arriving in the garage, I am launching a highly limited edition T-shirt that you can find right now in the shop:


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As you no doubt know, the Senna like any new car needs a bit of a break in to the engine, in this case about 600 miles or so of driving before I can really begin to push it along more. As it’s winter time we aren’t being spoilt with great driving conditions and I’ve been travelling an awful lot which has taken away many opportunities to drive the car, and as such the mileage is taking me longer than intended. However, with some good weather days ahead, I’m certainly going to start putting on some miles so stay tuned for some actual driving videos.

Thanks for watching, Tim



Shmee150 says:

Let's find out if this works?! After not driving it all that much yet, I wanted to take my McLaren Senna out for a run and although it's rather "YouTuber cliché" and not all that original, the McDonald's Drive Thru was beckoning!
You can find the new Limited Edition t-shirt here:

100,000,000 subs without videos says:

Can I one of your cars please


I love a McLaren

Smeck says:

How much money do u have

Passenger Seat Reviews AKA says:

This is the channel at it’s funniest

Tom Leach says:

Does anyone know where he keeps the cars? I assume it’s a shared garage by the looks of it. (Sorry if he’s already mentioned this)

Edit: don’t worry I’ll check the blog page.

RawLu says:

Look up Charisma in the dictionary & you'll see a picture of Ayrton Senna. Even threw the TV screen he oozed Scary Charisma, can't imagine what he was like to be around in real life!?! LOL!…

Kobe B says:

ur want ur channel to blow up. get DDE demon to do donuts on it. IF you get balls of steel !!!

Omar Scott says:

Who noticed the kids recording as he left McDonald’s

Ezzal Amin says:

Does it say PlayStation on his sun glasses lol

Jordan Thomson says:

13:41 now that's a huge wing!!!

Jordan Thomson says:

12:48 s a McLaren practical?….                                          YES!

Jordan Thomson says:

you just driving slow to show off hey haha jk

Jason crittenden says:

How does he earn so much money ? I know YouTube pays but there a lot of money just in his cars alone

Damon Woodhouse says:

Love the Daytona!!!

Bob Lol says:

You might was well go to Olive Garden if you have a god damn mclaren

MrMarko4 says:

I’m free if you need a hand to get the miles up on them for you Shmee

Get DaDoe says:

Hey your drive-thru is on the wrong side smh

Paul Wackett says:

Could of just opened the door


Tim, the type of guy to wear carbon fiber watches to reduce weight.

Dinosaur Fan says:

This is another way of how he flexes


I love McLaren,s

Arrasya Gamer says:

McLaren EnD McDonald

N.45 says:

1 over is a ticket? Here in the us we can go like 5 over, sometimes 10 on highways and still be fine.

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