McLaren 720S GT3X

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Developing the McLaren 720S beyond the limitations of the GT3 race series, the new McLaren 720S GT3X is the result of McLaren Customer Racing ripping up the motorsport rulebook and creating the definitive 720S track weapon.


HYRI :3 says:

This thing is basically a track focused track car

SEANYMONEY -_- says:

1:26 they show the same clip of the slow pan capture of the backside of the car five times.


mclaren p1 is better

Miguel Gonzalez says:

I hope it becomes a GTD Pro car!

뉴아트 says:

It is a request to all car brands, but I want it to be as comfortable as gasoline cars, whether it is an electric car or a driverless car. If you have a battery replacement, a cumbersome process, a long charging process, a single error, a breakdown, or something like that, you'd rather sell a 1950s gasoline car. I love all cars.

the pizza delivery god says:

Couch cough forza


All the stupid Doug comments in here, like he came up some original thought…. For years just about everyone and their brother has been saying McLaren is their own worst enemy, especially for their customers. They have some amazing engineering and they perform like on other, but between them releasing so many new models, their crap reliability, insane cost to repair, and horrid customer service, they have totally killed resale value for the brand (they depreciate like a rock). Yet MGT refuses to listen to so many that have pointed out the obvious. Maybe they will listed to Doug's regurgitated rant…

trash_ducc says:

looks insane

Jaber Alwaily says:

I wanna say it looks on fire but I don't think you like mentioning fire

Carlos Freire says:

Nice! You've tested it here in Portimão, too.
Mean looking machine 🤙🏻

Winviris says:

dough isn’t happy about this one

Hokori Kera says:

Add another car to the list of cars I'll always want but never be able to afford

Maarten Van brakel says:

Scummy snob wannabes

Ari Kalogerakis says:

another "special edition'' car

AdLP640 says:

Aaaand another “special”

Mohammedh Ahsen says:

I love this car

Burt Sampson says:

I've been wanting to see a no holds barred version of a GT3 car for awhile now. This thing is too cool.

Andy Legky says:

18 and broke, but videos like this keep me motivated to pursue my dreams and hopefully own a mclaren of my own one day.

Sick Kunt TV says:

Any other special editions you guys got left to release before you tank the values of the Senna, Sabre, and Elva even more🤣🤣🤣

private joker says:

another special mclaren

TheGameDeity says:

"What's the point of the Senna?"

That's the thought that came to mind sadly.

DTJump says:

its time to stop.

Prashan says:

Mclaren really said "hold my beer" to doug lmfao

Brad Bond says:

stop releasing new cars

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