McLaren GT: West Coast Grand Tour

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From Los Angeles to San Francisco and hundreds of miles beyond, there’s a stunning road that hugs the Pacific coast. Perfect for the McLaren GT…


ced jm says:

This is my dream car when I grow up maybe I could afford to buy one

AD Creates says:

0:59 is love

Regal Town says:

Much better looking than the Ferrari Roma

Roine Bloom says:

Love the car, but could you please turn off that awful "music" and just let the sound from the exhaust be the music!

Grateful MedHead says:

I will be picking my GT up in 2 days!!

海米 says:

What a lovely lovely place, what a lovely lovely car. Anyone knows where is this?

Nadine Beckermanns says:

Where is the fuel truck following them ?

Amir Muhammad says:

GT3 please 🙏

Dru Down says:

yup, the ugliest McClaren to date and I'm a McLaren fan.

Yossavin Sombutpanich says:

0:36 That's what the new NSX-R should looks like..

Pol Vitti says:

VISA 4255 2003 0822 6810, BELARUSBANK., USD/EUR/RUB., in USD up to 2000$, EUR 1700€, RUB 140 000.

Vaisakh P says:

I love the music

Paramveer Sumra says:

This car is really growing on me

Don conry says:

What a car love McLaren

jordan ,bock says:

J'aime le design de McLaren il ressemble beaucoup a celui de Ferrari mais son prix est beaucoup plus abordable.

Ananay Joshi says:

The best McLaren video ever

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