McLaren GT's COOLEST Feature!

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Royal__Tech says:

ABS, Mercedes S Class, Traction Control Mercedes S Class, Airbags Mercedes S Class, Adaptive Cr-… ah forget it, you get it 😁

White says:

already had in 2006 maybach

Kartik Awana says:

2012 slk has it

Zayd Abbas says:

Almost all rear view mirrors have this feature lol

Sam Samaritan says:

There were used in some cool bathrooms years back and now on cars that's it.

Not Monsieurr AjAx. says:

Even tho it’s the sunroof police finna have a field fucking day

Gypsy says:

Ferrari SuperAmerica had this decades ago… still cool though… now we need this on our side windows now… ‘What tint officer?’ Lmaooo

John Dc2 says:

This guy is like a year too late to post this who didn't know

Simon H says:

Boeing dreamliner lol

Jesse says:

The Maybach 62 had a similar feature on some models.

Joseph Hartke says:

I swear this is just a male supercarblondie

mr potato says:

How about the bad ones, V6 and and looks to plane

Alex P says:

Imagine having to replace that shit

Patrick Ibarra says:

Bmw tech from 14 years ago cool

Xander Hughes says:

spam 0 if ur on keyboard

Steve H says:

Its a mclaren, that shit will stop working in a few days.

Richard Turner says:

So what if it dims itself, it doesn’t open, why would you want a sun roof that doesn’t even open?

Hello There says:

The mercedes SLK has had this feature since at least 2015 lmao

Nidhin says:

What if the cars battery run out in a really sunny place and I have to wait till they service car arrives. Will I have to sit under a relatively transparent glass or will it be relatively opaque 🤔.
By the way I love this technology and I am not criticising it , just my doubt.

Reed savage says:

Funny thing is, I used to have this on my 96 pontiac Bonneville's rear view mirror.

Nyia Thao says:

Fun fact, Toyota Venza have this too

Farnumm Behaeen says:

Was apart of a hospital build that had these in every room

Stefan Trifunovic says:

So it’s not a sunroof then

Gilbert Montoya says:

“I pulled you over for your tint”
turns it back
“For my what again officer”

ChuggyNation says:

OMG guys look at my super expensive car my parents bought haha .

K ertanal says:

The 2021 Toyota Venza also has this😅

ZEUS says:

Thanks Yt to recommend me this video Cuz i am on my way to my garage in Fivem sv I will check this feature

Ian Alonso says:

Ferrari Superamerica had this feature over a decade ago.

JINXY says:

i much prefer a traditional sunroof with a slider, i bet u gotta replace the whole roof if a pigeon decides to take a shit from a little too high in the air

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