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McLaren P1 GTR – Prototype Testing FLATOUT!

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During a private trackday of McLaren, I have filmed a $3 million McLaren P1 GTR undergoing through testing on the famous F1 circuit, Spa Francorchamps. This GTR is the ultimate track-going version of the McLaren P1 and is the competitor for the Ferrari LaFerrari FXX K. The sound was just EPIC in person, probably even better than the P1!

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Erkmen Akin says:

3:05 ıs he Chıp Foose?

Aaron S. says:

Who else saw the guy drop his phone/camera near the wall at 4:06?

systemspm says:

that thing does look fast and it does look good but it sounds like a nascar

srinitaaigaura says:

God the speed it carries through some of those corners like Eau rouge…

johnsoncody17 says:

Dream car…

Arjandeiro says:

It's unbelievable to see this is so much quicker than a 'normal' p1 😮
Nice video!

Sub Zero says:

With no spinning comming from the corner and more horsepower that P1…
this one can blow the teeth of any supercar. ANY.
#McLaren   #P1GTR

Moises Jarquin says:

That car gave me chills throughout my entire body!

marisa padolina says:

im pertty sure that faster tahn buggati

RJTDBF says:

Mooie beelden zeg!

Ruud Haine says:

Too bad it'is a car i only can dream about. I hope the people who buy these cars will fully enjoy this amazing Ride! Did you see they roadkill from 10:18. I bet a spider would be jealous :).

AztekDJ says:

I love my McLaren's, though I don't care for the sound of the new ones, I much preferred the sound of the old F1..!

dckstr says:

Is the P1 GTR street legal? Does anyone know?

28power68 says:

Ok, now let's see if this one can beat the regular street use Porsche 918

Omc 559 says:

Jet like beasts

CJSchecter96 says:

oh cool I didn't know the wing was still active I thought it was fixed. you can see him use the drs button at 1:34 though. very cool!

MDKSuperCars says:

Dikke video Hans!

VFR Bianchi gT says:

There is a DRS in this P1 GTR? Look at 6:00 , I think he is closing down. Beautiful car, a beast.

Carmelo Aslanidis says:

the P1 GTR makes the road going P1 look like a child

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