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McLaren P1 GTR revealed

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It’s the ultimate version of McLaren’s P1 hypercar, and this 986bhp track-only P1 GTR will make its debut in Geneva next month.

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Anonymous says:

its the only car that can stand a chance against Zonda R

Hayden S says:

McLaren swag

Gabri3ldavies1234 says:

Wow all these hate comments just jealous of what British engineering can do

MrR0cksor says:

OMG I srcolled down to half the comments and no Nissan GTR fanboy saying that the Nissan GTR can beat that car ^^

Stevo1361 says:

Awww FUCK OFF McLaren, stop being so fucking modest and just bullshit us by saying it has 1001hp.

ap2pat says:

Wow already 12 haters.

Oussama Erraji says:

The Nissan GT-R is still faster

Viking Power says:

British engineering masterpiece, the best just got better.

jamb0y says:

The front of this car looks like a funny face!

Bobby Mack says:

The Ferrari Killer!  And with McLaren Honda rekindling their old and very successful F-1 partnership, it seems Ferrari will have a lot more to worry about.  

Arya Ahmadi says:

Why am I watching this? It's like watching celebrities on TV. You'll never see or talk to them; you just absurdly admire them.

[MienAce] says:

Me likey me want one

Jeff Will says:

Mclaren pumping these track cars out like babies. They actually have more track based models then road cars.

capturedbytee says:

Can't wait to buy it…in game.

gtr2racerUA says:

awesome car

gordon238 says:

83bhp more than the road car and over 1 million pounds more. Wow.

metalbyku says:

what is the point of making such a car if mcLaren themselfs admits that their GT3 racer is faster around lap. 650s GT3 with limitations due to fia rules (restricted power for ex.) and still faster than "no limit" P1

TheOne42 says:

Nice try McLaren, but i'm pretty sure Porsche's 918 RSR will humiliate the GTR, not to mention Ferrari's race joke.

Afonso da Mata says:

Will it be "raceable" in any current series?

john m says:

uh oh here come the ferrari fanboys

Salah Aldeen Al Ayoubi says:

Ugly car I can't believe a look like this would go on to production ..

Honfy Lam says:

talk all this weight saving… and Mclaren never mentioned the passenger seat, which was obviously the easiest and heaviest thing they removed

Idrees M says:

Jizz machine

eyeball37 says:

Some people need to grow up!!

PorscheSweden says:

Wow who in the world can afford a car for 2 million £? I mean for that type of money you can access the high end luxury market for estates in Sweden.

Tighman77 says:

id just like to say that no one complaining in the comments has driven a P1, a La Ferrari (stupid name), or a 918 and are basing there opinions on other peoples and their nationalities and crap like that

JamesCutter '98 says:

This and the FXX K!! Is Porsche making a 918 racer then?

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