McLaren P1 vs Hennessey Venom GT Top Gear

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Watch the McLaren P1 take on the 270mph (434kph) Hennessey Venom GT around the Top Gear track in the hands of the Stig. You will be surprised by the outcome!


Beat Nation says:

Jeuses Fucking Balls On This One.

Jefferson Ochoa says:

Gt Venom is the fastest car of all time!

Muhammad Daud says:

Henessy is faster

TYLER10 says:

the Hennessy is faster than the p1

Elaine Healey says:

i have a mclaren p1 hot wheels car

Wedey Yan says:

WTF!Mclaren P1 faster than Hennessey Venom GT??

BlackSpot says:

i cant even tell who won

shakim stewart says:

what game is this

Marvin Rodriguez says:

McLaren P1 rulez

Mekai Rodriquez says:

the meclarin p1 has always been my dream car

STRY Raven says:

nothing can come close to the venom but the bugatii this is fake

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