McLaren Senna destroys everything on track

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How to describe such an ultimate street legal car in words? I’ll take you for a funlap in my McLaren Senna on the Red Bull Circuit in Austria.

Details: 0:17
POV: 2:43

Music: Jaiden Stylez – Alive (Kertscher Remix)

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egg eggsson says:


Pablo Barrena Guzman says:

The Mc Laren Senna is undeniably fast… But the rest of the cars are NOT running…!

thebradelliott says:

You know how to drive! Love that you keep your identity undercover too.

Fabio Sousa says:

Plot twist for Lamborghini drivers… now they feel the pain from those Dacias they overtake at the track…

Raimy Mohamad says:

Many bugs were killed in the making of this video.

Erik Braga says:

this machine is absolutely "ridiculous"… made Lamborguinis, Porsches and Ferraris look like my grandpa's Toyota Avensis 2003!

Christophe crysis _59 says:

top des tops

ragnarokm 1 says:

Ps5 so real today ….. 😈😈

Michael Russian says:

Мужики не знали что участвуют в гонках просто)

Drunk ninja says:

Hyper car vs super cars… logic

Mr Cut Folks says:

Nobody else is trying to race that's why he beating everyone, it's not a race!

scooboy says:

wow , seriously fast and some nice smooth driving , geat job.

Sublimeracer says:

This is like playing a video game on easy. Amazing car!

Alexander Haubner says:

Danke fürs teilhaben ✌️👌👍👍👍

Dipanshu Singh says:

Senna will be proud ❤️🌺

888TopGear888 says:

H.O.L.Y bebe jesus

Music Industry says:

That was dope

Matthew Eveland says:

Loved all the glamour shots to begin. Hope to see more of your collection in this way!

tube freak 102 says:

Watching this head can view looks like I'm playing driveclub on the ps5

Walker Woods says:

1:08 lol You can see shmee’s senna sitting in the background

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