McLaren Senna driven | 789bhp hypercar on track at Silverstone | Autocar

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The McLaren Senna, Woking’s new Ultimate Series model, packs a 789bhp punch and weighs considerably less than the mighty P1 and 720S. Matt Prior talks you around the limited edition hypercar, as he drives a prototype around the international circuit at Silverstone. Subscribe now:

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Carl Hsieh says:

Senna >>>>>>>>>> Prost

g0ferboy says:

mfw the 2021 Zora wrecks this in times.

Shyro Channing says:

I really wanted a screenshot, of that yellow & dark grey carbon-fibre Senna, from the front. But guess who was standing next to the motor eh?

You guys gotta understand that your all brilliant reviewers. But we kinda wanna see the cars. So if you guys don't mind. When the camera man is panning & sweeping around the car, can you please move off to the side. Nice one! 😁

Danix9 says:

Here you realize how stupid high the downforce is on F1, they do the first turn flat, even with open DRS >u<

The Left Lane says:

I'm oozing with envy at my new luxury track car grail

Alisa Menna says:

All of the car reviewers run their mouth wide open while they're driving.

Michelle Adams says:

Fugly car yuppie car

malangope says:

90% of the cars will never see a track. They will just sit in a garage or showroom somewhere.

A L says:


Adam Norell says:

I get more excited in my 150hp 320i than this guy in a 800hp racing car…

man fai tang says:

the under Suzuki s15 can chase you🤭

Lewis Wood says:

I would defiantly buy one of these or a P1, but I cant afford one :).

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