McLaren Senna FULL SEND on the Nürburgring | Onboard

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What’s there more to say? Without a doubt the most violent and extreme experience in a McLaren Senna around the Nürburgring – like it should be!

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Whoops says:

This guy looks like he's in a simulator, amazing man

Grant Schmidt says:

Is the driver rejecting phonecalls casually at 200km P/h?

Frank Irvine says:

Good driving,for safety full race suit gloves etc should be worn😲

Jez Tickles says:

All wrong in all corners except one

gravy boat says:

What was the lap time?

gravy boat says:


westbender 820 says:

It's gotta be a jolt in one of those slow cars when he goes by.

Adam Lavictoire says:

This thing is nutz, really wish I could have seen the kph


Отличный стабилизатор у камеры!)))

José Silva says:

The driver is not kidding. Respects.

covid-19 says:

7min 40secs. 30seconds off a pro driver lap time, nice.

MrXelium says:

I flagged this video for pornographic content.

munnypoltric says:

what a dangerous pile of crap. they keep having to tell the voice controls to fuck off – at that speed! Jesus H. Christ. Mary Mother of Joseph. God the Father. The Holy Ghost.

Thorsten W. says:

Camera off on Breidscheid Bridge? Two times?

Did you stop there on the parking lot for a rest?

munnypoltric says:

Driving around in circles for no reason does not make you cool. If you were an agent in a car chase saving the free world, then you might be a hero. But you are just autistic

munnypoltric says:

what are you running from son?

munnypoltric says:

after watching the Porsche 919 video, this looks slow

Gibbet Hoskins says:

Is the driver pro? That was bad ass 👌🏽✊🏽

Kamjar Pourhang says:

Best car 😍😍😍😍😍 Very Nice Driving 👏👏👏👍👍👍

Jim Morgan says:

Corners better than a etcha sketch


why 4:48 ?

Ven To says:

Look at the name of the song, when he starts the lap at 1:20 😀 The car knew before 😀

Dhillon Singh says:

Fookin send her bud

Scott McLelland says:

This is mental.

Stu West says:

The first few hundred yards was the fastest part of the track. Why was the straight closed down?

Andy A says:

Are they not allowed to film from turn 115 to 122 on the track? 4:45 and 13:35

speedingtube says:

That was awesome, fair play to the driver for sending a Senna 🏆

Chris Tann says:

Surprised you fit in the passenger seat next to the drivers huge balls!

Tim Ellis says:

I've got old. I'd be terrified if I was in the passenger seat 😅.

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