McLaren Speedtail: Global Reveal – Carfection (4K)

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The McLaren Speedtail is finally unveiled, be the first to see it in the metal as we take a look around this 250mph hypercar.
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Damian Waite says:

When is the McLaren speedtails replacement due

Glen Butler says:

Possibly their ugliest car ever .

ADogNamedLizard says:

I would do inappropriate things to that car….
Rory Reid at 3:19 "no other production car quite like it"
Gordon Murray: cough cough T50 cough cough

stsohgessi says:

5:14 left door panel alignment is off, in fact both doors are misaligned.

Michael P says:

An automotive achievement in hypercar GT design…there is nothing like a McLaren. I love my 2020 HDF 570s Spider.

Stu Flyboy Reay says:

❤️ McLaren forever 🏁❤️

Toussant l bisso says:

Jolly good show ! Old man 🏁

James Rider says:

What a great insight into such an exciting piece of engineering – well done

OugaBoogaShockwave says:

Over complicated, just get a t50 for a few pounds more !
Passengers for this car are like meat stuffed in sausages, looks uncomfortable ! ! !

Blark Dexture says:

Any Egg kills it

Siri says:

Ugly car…

blackflagqwerty says:

It's ugly.

Skawagon says:

I have seen this after watching some content on McLaren having problems with the quality of their "standard" supercars and after watching several videos of Gordon Murrays new T50. In the end I think that Murry is right in saying that the people who did the Speedtail did not understand very well what made the F1 so special. And also this vehicle seems to be not too much special, even the design doesnt look very bespoke (nod to Regera). None of that matters of course as I am simply not the target audience.

muhmad dshle says:

Regera 0-300 : 10.9

C Roe says:

Subscribing only because your the only black car journalist I’ve ever seen

Huncho Rolls says:

we want catchpole
we want catchpole

Paul Thomson says:

Yet umderneath jts the same as every other mclaren except the f1 . All.mclarens now are just the same cars.

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