Mclaren Speedtail is the fastest Mclaren Hypercar *First look*

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Hello I’m David AKA Supercarbaldeee

Welcome to my channel where I’ll be doing car reviews of hypercars, sports cars, luxury cars and just about anything else that involves.. well cars!

Today we are reviewing the McLaren Speedtail. This is the FIRST speed tail in america. At the price of 2.4 Million dollars this is no joke of a car!

Stay tuned to find out everything about this McLaren

This bad boy reaches speeds of up to 250 mph! and is insanely quick!

Tell me in the comments what you guys think about the McLaren Speedtail! do you guys think its worth the 2.4 million dollar price tag?


Collector Daniel says:

Hahaha I love this channel name, instantly gained a sub 😂 great video too, you might be the first to ever review the speedtail and it's gorgeous, almost a rolling work of art in my opinion 👍

Donny Obama says:

Dude looks like shotti TreyWey haha

Bear Claw' says:

Your Promoted ". .
A Tale to behold ". .

Play GT says:

Exist a biodegradable fuel for those car, the biodiesel, but they don't wanna to bring to the light, we need biodiesel on our cars, now!.

Armando Escobar says:

So it goes 0-60 in 4 seconds 🤔

Synxansty says:

Were can I buy this car

Tomi Ajayi-Dopemu says:

Mclaren gotta fire their design team. Styling of their cars is pretty shitty for the price. (720s is nice though)

tomiwa Emmanuel says:

I wish he started with. Hey guys it's supercarbaldi

angel alicea says:

These car not worth that money .

abdullah dar says:


Bruce Wayne says:

Pls tell me name of the song

ItsThatKidGreg says:

New sub for letting us hear that lovely engine noise! Would love a middle seat car like this

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