Mean Tesla Hater Says My $5M Tesla Roadster SUCKS! Then This Happened! (Roblox Greenville)

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ItsMatrix says:

Is the new Tesla Roadster fast enough for you? 👀🔥

Erick Leal says:

I am a Lamborghini fan,sorry

Devdan Dharya Pramadana says:

i think some youtubers make fans haters just because the youtubers keep ingoring

#1 Gamer says:

I am Tesla fan My favorite Tesla is cyber truck And Tesla roadster And model 3

unstreamed 10 says:

when he said ill have a great day tomorrow if i liked, i did because tomorrow friday 🙂

Bradley Mefford says:

I don’t like tesla

SamX Gaming says:

Trash Car I Have much better

StaplezZz says:


SamT1 says:

Im an all-electric tesla fan!! I've been supporting tesla since 2018 !

MC gamer of the future says:

That is boost

Sahm Ali says:

Is it real if you get a thousand

nathaniel john says:

if you said to him that the slow tesla that the guy is saying to you is the other model of tesla

Katie O'Connor says:


Braylin Bailey says:

I love Teslas

Vibezz_ Toothed says:

I used your code

Vojislav Pavlovic says:

im in serbia im love tesla tasla is serbia car!

Ashrit Thakral says:

I don't like you are ignoring your fans !!!!!!!! /I am unsubscribing

Landon Franklin says:

I am a tesla fan

Elmer Capistrano says:

It the bosst

Mansoor Epic says:

Matrix’s I like cars

Melenie Ayala says:

My brother once it so it's for him not for me

Kron's Clips says:

This is the first Greenville video I've ever watched which got me into playing greenville

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