Meet The Hypercar to Dethrone all Hypercars – The SSC Tuatara vs my Bugatti Veyron

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InvictusMortiss says:

Disgustg video to compare vs 7 years old Bugatti

Merica Made says:


InvictusMortiss says:

Veyron is slower than chiron gt idiots

InvictusMortiss says:

These are idiots. Must to make a fair comparison ssc tuatara VS Bugatti chiron Gt

Bretbunde says:

Way too much keyboard music and not enough cowbell👍🏻

Carson Smith says:

“Felt it hook up at about 100mph and it was GO TIME” – an absolute savage

DWeezy says:

Great video! And what a beautiful car!!!!

EdwardRC Car says:

Dang. McLaren F1 top speed record in like what? a few secs!

eric s says:

wow, the tuatara actually exists!

Jeff Giampaolo says:

That was awesome! Can’t wait to see the Tuatara break records. That thing is an absolute beast


That camry need that nos energy drink….lol😂😂

Youtuber BayleeXiong says:

Tuatara speed just went up like no problem

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