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Mercedes A-Class – Which? first drive

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The new Mercedes-Benz A-class marks a radical departure from the previous two generations. Gone are the mini-MPV styling and proportions of the former car, making way for a stylish and sleek five-door hatchback

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dddjmkn2011 says:

Just don't understand why these luxury car makers insist on producing these low priced scale down models with obvious flaws..just for people to say oh yes…I own a Mercedes..Really!..??

Christina Vang says:

Omg if the airbag goes of, you'll die!
#ToCloseToTheSteeringWheel ???

Ryan rosenberg says:

Who moans about an engine having a fantastic diesel engine sound?! Seriously there´s nothing better than to listen to a diesel engine roar when you floor it. i am not even a so called "petrolhead" but if i can hear a great classic Mercedes engine roar then that is something i like very much.

Quentin Crooks says:

I have to say that i've been driving a 2015 plate Mercedes A180 Cdi around and in my opinion it is quite simply one of the worst cars I have ever driven. In my opinion the seats aren't comfy, the visibility is poor, the performance is utterly terrible and the cabin is an awful place to be and that hideous thing sticking up in the middle of the dash board looks like an after thought. The air vents look the part, but to the touch feel like cheap plastic and the automatic gearbox takes some getting used too with it being on the stalk. The build quality certainly doesn't feel anything like the Mercedes of old. I used to have a 190 AMG Mercedes which was a 1991 car and loved it and without a doubt it might not have been as technologically advanced as the new breed, but, it was a lot more fun to drive and not only that, you felt like you were in a Mercedes Benz when you were driving it. The A180 Cdi has a few nice gadgets, but, what modern car hasn't. In my opinion there are a lot more fun cars out there to choose from at the same price point as the A180 Cdi. Yes I know everyone's taste is different and so in the end its always going to come down to personal choice, but, if I was asked would I buy one, the answer would have to be no. In my opinion there is no fizzy feeling to this car and for the money, there should be………………..

Sam Wright says:

I thinking of getting the a180d a class is this an ideal car for a new driver??

oldirty says:

I still like it better than the A3 and 1 series. 
The A class is like an Iphone… the Samsungs may be better value and have better specs … but the Iphone works better as a whole and is more desirable

Dexter Morgan says:

Why is that 13 year old boy driving this car ??

Robert Amos says:

Are these any good for dogging inside the car if it's too cold or bad weather outside the car ?

Martin Jones says:

The first A class failed on the Elk test, but then so did the Golf (which is more shocking for a car with a lower centre of gravity). The old one was excellently packaged and by the end they sorted out the build quality. My Mum had 3 so I should know. She has finally got this new one after 11 months of hell with a Golf 7. In comparison, 180CDI Eco SE Comfort to a 1.6TDi BlueMotion, it is just as good on the road if not better. Road undulations and rumble strips are dealt with more smoothly and it feels more planted on the road. Handling is much better than the Golf. Quality is outstanding, she got rid of the Golf which was appallingly finished with rattles and trim threads coming loose. The interior of the A Class is amazingly well put together with great detail touches like the lighting and chrome finishing. The seats are good even for tall people. The boot could be a little bigger but it does have an underfloor compartment which is good for storing laptops for security or wet outer clothes so they don't make a mess. She's already covered nearly 2000 miles in a month and loves this car. Both her and my Dad are using this more regularly than his E class which must say something. It is the complete antithesis of the Golf 7. She's also getting 65 mpg at the moment. I don't agree with the noisy engine. I've really only noticed it on startup and it is no worse than say VAG's 1.6 diesel. It has that Mercedes quality that grows on you. I kept my C-Class because of this and it is now 5 years old. Long trips in this A class are a breeze. It somehow massages away the miles. Yes the ride even in comfort trim could be smoother, but it doesn't feel lumpen or ponderous like the Golf with would also pitch terribly on the motorway or A road bends. She also has the black/white interior which absolutely transforms the cabin. Choose this option, you won't regret it with the grey roof lining. It was also £2,000 CHEAPER than the equivalent Golf with options. Take a look, just avoid the AMG trim for the ride alone. 

wwwnewsflash says:

It's not the ordinary propellor or four rings…. It's a shining STAR for young stylish people who have the money to afford it ching ching

thebox228 says:

I can not look at this car, so dark inside and the boot, less space then a fiesta haha yeah right min of 19k to buy I take my money elsewhere!

Ripix300 says:

nice car, but bad sound isolation. Very loud car on a highway… I prefer Audi A3 – much better cruiser

turbocat1984 says:

Some people don't care about those things.  I drive a Crossfire (SLK in sheeps clothing).  Rides rough but holds the corners beautifully. Loud cabin but great stereo so I don't ever hear it.  Zero visibility but who gives a damn for a sexy car.  Think I just found my new car. Only I'm looking at an A250 Sport. 

Chas Lees says:

What a knob jockey , worst car reviewer I have ever seen

TheChrisgrk says:

Iv look at every car is this category with regards to power, standard equipment etc and the best value for money is the Ford Focus ST and the A class Benz I think you are not comparing standard equipment

Kamron Scolato says:

Whats the exact colour of the car used in this video?

South Sea Blue?

Davies Oludare says:

we get it, you dont like the car

Jacob N says:

+Keith Tan. And 3 times more expensive

benanderson89 says:

I've just done an extended test drive of this car today along with the new Peugeot 308 and Kia Pro_Cee'd GT.

The A-Class is by far one of the most disappointing cars I've ever driven. Not just out of the three cars I test drove today – all cars. My old Nissan Micra was more comfortable.

With the seat in the lowest position and the wheel in the highest position, my knees were still hitting off of the bottom of the wheel (FYI: I'm only 5ft 8") because the pedal travel was so damn long. The seats are also rock solid and were not a patch on the sports seats in the 308 – they weren't even in the same league as the Kia's Recaros. No matter how much I adjusted the seat I could not stop my back from complaining.

The worst thing of all was the parking break. Its a button next to the door under the light controls rather than in the centre console – you have to pull it to activate the break. It doesn't automatically disengage when you pull away – you have to find the bite point on the clutch and take your hand off the wheel to push the button to disengage it. It also doesn't come on automatically when you turn off the car.

It also comes with no equipment as standard. Those fancy LED running lights? You'll need the night pack (£1300), or you'll have to step up to the A250 for an eye watering £27k. No reversing camera as standard, no front fog lights even on the higher A200 model, no media interface as standard, the tiny wheels look ridiculous so you have to spend even more money for the AMG Sport version or the night pack and so on and so forth. An A3 Sport-Back with the equivalent spec and power output is nearly £2.5k cheaper with better interior comfort and plastics.

If you're thinking of buying an A-Class, test drive the hell out of it first because I was excited going in but severely disappointed coming out. I'm not even in the same post-code as "kidding" when I say, with a totally serious straight face, that the Pro_Cee'd GT made the A-Class look like a Joke.

Digi Mashifane says:

complain to much

josh786manchester says:

This guy moans too much

F Ahmad says:

1:00 – I have never seen anyone sit so close to the steering!

jmcphee7 says:

Hi. Why was there no power figures, no 0-62 times, no mpg figures or a rundown of what tech is in the car? Poor review.

stanczyk11111 says:

..FWD , "global product" , "korean design" hipster-mobile … not a proper Merc !..

bratic80 says:

can you pull a plough with this?

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