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It is the moment that many of you have anticipated: The Mercedes-AMG has got the yet to-be-confirmed production car lap record around the Nürburgring Nordschleife.

00:00 Intro
01:32 Hockenheim Lap Time
02:54 Failed Record Run
03:51 Second Run
05:00 GT3 RS MR
06:40 Predicting Lap Times
08:08 GT3 RS MR Lap Time
08:43 Thoughts on AMG BS Time
11:23 What’s next?

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Misha Charoudin says:

Check out this follow-up video where I answer all of your questions and comments about this record:

Doug Maverick says:

Sorry, but the Porsche GT2 RS has the current record at 6:40.

tracey potts says:

Why do you sound like the meer cat advert omfg

Kanishka Gupta says:

Nice video as Mercedes-AMG GT Black series got the Nurburgring lap record. Click here for more-

Doma-Luxy says:

Misha you’re a wizard… 6:43:616 is the time and you were off by 6 tenth. RESPECT

Abdelmouttaleb Azeddine says:

AMG just posted a video confirming your time, it's indeed 6:43 seconds, your calculations were spot on.

DrMemfis says:

Миша, тебе спасибо за видео!!!

Awe SAM says:

Man I read in the description
8:35 thoughts on AMG GT BS (BULLSH*T) time”
Not black series lol

I was looking for you to give me a reason why AMG was bull sh*ting

UploadSpot says:

Talk to much man

Daniel Alcaraz says:

Subscribed in less than a minute

Mr Bnanna says:

are we not going to mention the fallout 4 jacket at 3:23

Vaka Productions says:

I am sure the AM Valkyrie and the King Jesko (and Maybe the Mclaren Senna) can beat the 6:43 of the AMG Black Series.
What do you guys think? Will it be a Record for a long or a short time?

SUPERCAR SPECIFICS disabled supercar vlogger says:

hey SSC Tuatara take a lesson from these company's , their not afraid to loose a record or break one , and congrats to the amg black gt amazing job does that mean that it beat out the lamborghini svj for fastest production lap time and my goal for my youtube channel is to become the fastest disabled person around the nordschliffer

KnightDriveTV says:

I wish the curb weight of these cars were measured officially, when they go out. For companies highly motivated to "break records" it wouldn't be out of the realm of reason to make things look real, but be gutless/3d printed fakes, like a/c controls, radio, no adjustment motors in the factory seats, panels made of alternative materials. It's no problem to make a car look completely stock and not be stock. The big tell would be to weigh the car prior to the run and then we can reasonably see if the car is production based like what is being sold.

Glyne Martin says:


Alen Ibričić says:

This road is not very good like before… this gt black can brake down gt2rs

Alexandr Merkushev says:

waiting for Porsche 991 gt 2 rs 992

MENIM3 says:

In 9:30 you explain how manufacturers manipulate lap times and you congratulate AMG on this one. What if AMG annouces a time 15s faster than your measurement? 😀

theo sincu says:

As a Porsche guy, I don't really like the fact that Mercedes is faster, but I must respect their car. Awesome thing.

JHAZERY Brown says:

I think the senna has the potential to smash the record

That Guy says:

We all expected this

Rick Johnson says:

C8Corvette ZR1 or Zora? I left out Z06 because I don't think it going have the horsepower or torque down low to beat Blackseries or Gt2 even though it has Cup 2r tires.

Godspeeds Spacebender says:

Click Bait……I atopped watching the video after 2 mins becaucse I realized that there would be no actual footage of the Merc breaking the record. Hate when YouTubers do this for views.


800,000 is stupid money Porsche GT2rs far better for lots less 💜

Jerry Chen says:

Wait until 991.3 gt3rs

scramb19 says:

This is click bait rubbish

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