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Mercedes-AMG GT Concept – Driving Performance of the future – Mercedes-Benz original

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Discover the new Mercedes-AMG Concept GT via; http://mb4.me/GT-Concept-EN. As part of its 50th anniversary Mercedes-AMG is this year celebrating not only the successful past and present; above all it is looking forward. With the show car Mercedes-AMG GT Concept the sports car and performance brand is giving an indication of the alternative drive configurations AMG is designing. Over and above this the four-door coupé heralds the further extension of the AMG GT family. The third model series after the SLS AMG and AMG GT is now being completely autonomously developed at the company’s headquarters in Affalterbach. The designation and fundamental design elements on the front and tail end denote the family affiliation to the AMG GT. The “EQ Power+” identifier on the mirror cam indicates the increased performance that can be expected from hybridisation at AMG.

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Roy Davison says:

Why didn’t they show us the interiors the insides

Kurt Joshua Torres says:

Nice red paint job and we should be called the mercedes amg gt x when mercedes decided to put this in production

Nico Dacher says:


Mr HusSlaying says:

I'm literally looking at it now ! What a beast !!!

Wang Li says:

Exhaust port !!!! looks so ugly.

Alex Fernandez says:

I don't understand why they are making the gt into a four door it's going to ruin the car it is 1000000% better as a 2 door super/sports car

Anne VanDyke says:


HighCaliber says:

What a beautiful car?

Brian Brown says:

This would be better a car if it was fully Electric to compete with the Tesla

Pedro Cezar says:

Quando a montadora MERCEDES BENZ, vai fabricar o MERCEDES AMG GT, coupe com 2 portas e 4matic? Ficarei muito agradecido pela informação!

Pedro Cezar says:

Quando que a montadora Mercedes vai fabricar o Mercedes S coupe 2 portas 4matic, igual ao Mercedes-amg gt? Ficaria muito feliz com a informação, pois pretendo adquirir um!

GameAndElse says:

0:40 thank me later

GameAndElse says:

Thats the car I want to die in…

rollie poon says:

Insane ?

Gad Va says:

Go full electric Mercedes ?

Kenxxking says:

Kinda looks like a tesla

Max A. says:

0:40 sounds like a lion^^

Weihua Ge says:

So cool and powerful!

Master of Sales says:

I heart you

Sequestor says:

looks like a Ford fusion with a benz badge.

Two Niner says:

Tesla can do 0-60mph in under 2.4 seconds…

Mein Name Ist Tom says:

Ich bin stolz aus dem Ursprungsland der besten Autos der Welt zu kommen.

Zia Ahmed says:

I would love to drive this on Uber.

Yoga says:

I dreamed it, Mercedes maked it 🙂 ^^. Amazing

AlfaRomeoFan says:

Looks so amazing 😀 Love it to bits 😀 How similar will the production version look to this?

Chunk says:

Mehh looks like a porsche panamera

Robert Szinghoffer says:

why is not hybrid?

Arman Mosinyan says:


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