Mercedes-AMG One Hypercar testing almost undisguised at Nürburgring with engine fail by second car

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2022 Mercedes-AMG One Hypercar

0:00 Leaving the workshop
0:02 Bugatti Centodieci crossing
0:26 Entering the Nürburgring with the first prototype
0:33 Close-Up at the rear of the car with engine on
0:59 Starting on the Nürburgring
1:54 Second prototype arrived at the Nürburgring entrance
2:15 Engine fail at the second prototype
2:30 Restarting the engine
3:00 Back into the workshop

Sound on! I have taken a new spy video of two Mercedes-AMG One Hypercar prototypes during some hot laps on the Nürburgring. Both prototypes have a new camouflage and are almost undisguised. One of them had some trouble to start his lap on the Nürburgring and had to restart his engine.

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DerFreddy7 says:

everyone likes the sound. but complain that the F1 sounds stupid. Let's see what they realize that it has an F1 engine. #IlovethenewF1sound


1.6 Liter v6 1200 u/min leerlauf 🥱😒

Christian Z says:

Click bait with enGiNe fAiL

The Bags says:

who's the driver?

Adam J says:

Sounds amazing

SpeckTuba says:

Amazing moment on exact 2:10

Averse says:

Germany is such a dream for all this. Building sick racing cars and testing them on their own racing tracks…

Light Shunshine says:

idk, those mirror stand look ugly

Hot Wheels GT says:

So we not gonna talk about the centodieci

Kartikeya Parekh says:

May be its me but the car doesn’t look that unique.

gauthier pierron says:

2:05 track mode activation

Vance Sloan says:

Engine failure is not very likely as MANY top shelf engineers likely signed off on its design and I believe Cosworth, Williams, or Judd helped with its development. Even with a top shelf setup, testing is done for a reason and you can rest easy knowing AMG will thoroughly sort out this hiccup before delivery to the lucky few who will own "one".
This was a low speed early in the game run. Once a pro is allowed to go balls out with it, its gonna be EPIC. I have secretly been wondering if it will lap the ring in less than 6 minutes with the full race version with all the aero they could throw at it. I believe Porsche ran a…..5.48? 5.38? I don't remember the time down to the second but it was less than 6 minutes. An incredible achievement in a car that was built with no rulebook to worry about. I dont doubt that Mercedes could run a similar time.

canonphoto says:

Driving with a mask on, is the air that polluted there?

Michigan_Supercars says:

It actually does kinda sound like an F1 car!! That is very exciting!!

Mason says:

can't wait to see Doug review this

GreggB says:

Finally! I was so afraid Mercedes was going to drop this project especially during covid.

MrTimeless101 says:

Wasn't the AMG one supposed to be in production in 2019. its still being tested, and suffering failures I see.

animalcol1 says:

Jag hypercar was such a missed hit. I still can't believe they didn't make it. More beautiful, sounds much better. May not be as fast but it was sensational. Cx-75

DBLazerJ says:

Please tell me it'll sound better, these noise regulations are killing cars 😢

DRIVECLUB-is-timeless says:

So low key Yet so immaculate and magnificent

Kaldore Greymane says:

It can’t be just me, but that rear looks like a wider more squished RS7 🤔

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