Mercedes-AMG Project ONE | After Work with Lewis Hamilton

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Always pushing the limits. Even after work. πŸ‘Š

This is F1 Hybrid technology for the streets.

This is the @Mercedes-AMG Project ONE. 😍

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Haja says:

does it have DAS? Then it should be banned.
But seriously, crazy car, hope it will work out as planned, causse plans did postpone already quite a bit

Gourob Kundu says:

The ending music was lit. Epic.

Walter says:

The new F1 safety car?

robertoppenheimer says:

Be ready for this car? Let me check my bank account, NOPE.


Always thought rich people were idiots and why they were collecting instead of driving these cars. But time went by, I tried hard and bought myself a few toys
. Than I started collecting too. They are in my room and they are waiting for drive in my floor .d

End KO says:

This on some transformers craziness!!!

Sergio David Buitron says:

Un Formula 1 para la calle,como suena πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Manef Rachdy says:

You need a pit crew for this ONE

P_Sher 12 says:

absolutely fking badass!!!!!!!!!!

u knoe wat dis is says:

Ahhh so thats why he was sad
Makes sense now
They put that other geeeza in the carr

u knoe wat dis is says:

Coctease…come on

Seaf Halabi says:

Wow , imagine if I can actually buy that

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