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Are you ready for E PERFORMANCE? 🔥 This is the @Mercedes-AMG Project ONE. ❤️🖤 Meet the highly anticipated hypercar that brings F1 hybrid technology and power to the street!

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Don Elmediterraneo says:

Next : a pure-track Project ONE

patricia finn says:

I am in love…if I could get into bed with it. I' d kick my husband out. Seriously darling, I want this for my birthday

Kenneth says:

Deutsche gründlichkeit!

Trace Maddison says:

One word beautiful

Fahmeed Rokon says:

It looks like McLaren

Audi RS says:

It's kinda not real but best of luck

Mr e Mr e says:

Send me two pls 😘

Theo Theodorou says:

They deadass stole the design from the krieger in gta

karremania says:

E performance, yet it runs primairy on a ICE? Yeah…

Acerbane says:

How often is it going to need a costly engine rebuild?

Jonas Weber says:


Иван Малов says:

What is the name of the song?

Hlangu Home says:

i am very skeptical of the reliability of this cause F1 cars are very compatible with their engines but hypercars like this just don't do that

Kevin Assi says:

When are they out

Scott L. says:

Sweet! I'll take it! Change the color, though

Oktopus15 says:

This thing is sexier than my crush. But on thing they have in common: not liking me 🙁

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