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This is the Mercedes-AMG Project ONE. Meet the highly anticipated hypercar that brings Formula 1 hybrid technology and power to the street. It’s the first of its kind. Subscribe to Mercedes-AMG on YouTube:

The Mercedes-AMG Project ONE defines new limits and raises the bar on high-performance. Let the technical data speak for itself: producing over 1,000 PS at a maximum speed of over 350 km/h, the performance hybrid offers an unrivaled driving experience that was once only available to race drivers. Are you ready for E PERFORMANCE?

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Mercedes-AMG says:

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Trail Rider 36 says:

It look like adventador+Corvette c8 lol

M K says:

Seeing this Project One advert since 50 years.
Is this a toy or proto type or just good animation?
Seem like Un-released & Un-buyable car.

Lhotse44 says:

Lewis Hamilton: "I'll take one and 50 million euros please."

Fabian Franzmann says:

Wasn't it already renamed to AMG One?

Unknown Known says:

Make sure it doesnt fly

Brian Jewell says:

93 people have no soul and were involved in Pizzagate…

Hayden Truman says:

barely heard any good engine sounds

Workshop Rebuild says:

E-Power sounds like a V-10

Future: Hold my beer

haden mussinan says:

Man that livery is reminiscent of a certain phone

Lumi says:

Hoping they'll go to lm hypercar with a car based on this but unlikely

Mudd Whistle says:

They need to put a quieter exhaust on it, that 1.6l turbo charged engine is way too loud, 10 times louder than a Apollo I.E.

Jean Marchell says:

It's like a Koenigsegg combine with Aston martin lol

더게러지 THE GARAGE says:

Hello, I'm going to watch the great video, thank you✨✨

Notorious 777 says:

BMW fan boys be like:😳🤤

Martin Canosa says:

Is this a tease too of what would be the livery this upcoming season?

JoshuGamer says:

Omg this car is so beautiful😫

Denis Kudlik says:

hmmm… "unreal" does that mean you won't ever be able to build and release it as a production car?

patriot says:

sub 6 min nurburgring lap

Eddie G says:

Can I trade in my 2012 C class, and add a few thousand to buy one?!?

Martin Alley says:

I don't mean to be picky, but is its unmeasured, how do you know its unrivalled? 😉

††ValiLucy†† says:

How much years do we need to wait.

Rahul Naraine says:

Nice job mercedes you always never cease to surprise😃

Conner Kelly says:

Love the red presumably for Niki

Kabir Sewani says:

great, now actually build the damn thing

Darryn Waugh says:

Unrivaled say Mercedes-Benz………. meanwhile Christian von Koenigsegg says ……. i accept that challenge

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