Mercedes-AMG Project ONE Goes Testing!

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This is when the fun really begins 😁 The Mercedes-AMG Project ONE is out on track!

The team from Affalterbach have been testing the 1000 hp, F1 engine-powered hypercar at the Mercedes test track at Immendingen 💪

We can’t wait to get our hands on one! 😍😍😍

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Adam Howitt says:

that a lotus?

Pelic0ne says:

i don't like the looks, it doesn't remind me of mercedes at all

Luke Daniel Galon says:

58 seconds
probably somebody request new tyres.

Malc180s says:

All supercars are utterly dull and pointless next to the new Gordon Murray one. Who would buy something so pointless?

Phoba says:

I think people dont realise how hard it is to put an f1 engine in a car like that, so much cooling needs to be done, and how to turn on the car

ツJamal says:

Nah bruh thats the benefactor krieger

harry peel says:

@life of Pallas

Ganjiii says:

i'm looking forward to a car racing game driving the car

oyaddapak !? says:

The rear looks like a lotus

Douglas P Keating Jr says:

That sounds amazing

NaruHina79 says:

how do i order one?

Nitin Frank says:

it looks like part mercadus ,part Lamborghini,partmcluarn,part Bugatti,part ferrai,+ford which = to this car but stills perform better

Derrick Anderson says:

the livery is hideous

repooc says:

Is it bad that I thought that was the kreger from gtav not knowing that's a real car

Stefan Grabner says:

Der Aufschrei der letzten Dinosaurier 🦖

Tadej Hauptman says:

You're just being plain dumb if you aren't developing a racing version of this car for 2022 Le Mans…

Matt Harte says:

It looks heavy and doesn't look fast, but I reckon it's ballistically quick.

Michael Avaliani says:

I still do not get why would they want to put that god awful sounding V6 in a car. "Authentic sound" my ass lmao.

Chang Yimp says:

Do they come with DRS?

justnobody says:

hey mercedes , just save your money . better developing your average car . because people would actually use it.
mercedes spend alot of money to develop AMG project 1 . but when it release. lets be honest . 99% of that car would just sit on the people garage.

MM Automotive says:

Very curious about Nordschleife time… Cause this is JUST NEXT LEVEL! 🔥🔥

ゆけゆけ says:


Sleepy Wagon says:

Sorry, but we need this in Forza Horizon 4. C’mon Mercedes.

Ebubekir DOLANBAY says:

I am writing from Turkey. If you see this review I'm asking you: When you come to İstanbul for turkey gp I want to talk a few words with you. my dream is to be in that garage in the future. this is my second year in yıldız technical universty and mechanic engineering.

Juuldebuul says:

It certainly isn't going to win any beauty pagents but I guess this car isn't about that


1. Polizeikontrolle: "Stillgelegt."

byfolko says:

Aren't they all sold out?

FurryLover69 says:

I dont know why but the car looks slow on the video

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