Mercedes-AMG Project ONE – Tests in Immendingen

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The Mercedes-AMG Project ONE development car has arrived in its new home, the Daimler Test and Technology Center in Immendingen. Subscribe to the Mercedes-AMG Channel on YouTube:

With these test drives in Immendingen, we are entering the final and most exciting phase of the project.

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Mohamed Amiri_OS says:

It doesn't look beautiful…

khaled khaled says:

all mercedes cars are boring

John says:


Mr mz says:

0:08 is that the new SL ( on the left ) ?

SB Rider says:

Bmw and Audi seems like a boring brand compared to Mercedes

Kaushal Anchan says:

Actually no one can put exact same F1 engine in the Road Car, you know F1 Engine takes time and startsup in different manner than the Road Car.

Also Amg stated about emission problems and the regulations of the road car to fit an F1 engine in it.

So u can expect Amg has tried almost their Balls out to put an F1 engine in the Road going car within the Road Car Regulations.

So let's take a moment and Appreciate the Engineers of Amg

Kailash Rava says:

looks like mix design of mclaren , r8 and ferrari GT3 458

sebseb seb says:

I wonder what it looks like… ooh wait, saw it on the Top Gear channel in january 2019

Julian P says:

Lost all interest when they announced a 4cyl C63…

Translucent says:

This car wont be as fast as people think it is if its Hamilton f1 engine then it wont be powerful for so much extra weight

Dexter Sullen 'TRUTH' says:

They shoulda used the s class headlights (most beautiful headlights ever)

A92 says:

5 years later…….

Lasstmichdurch says:

Wird auch Zeit, dass die deutschen Hersteller bei dem ganzen Elektro-hinterher-Gehechel nicht ihre Kernkompetenz vergessen oder sogar verleugnen…Nämlich die besten Verbrenner-Motoren und Autos zu bauen!

James Morrissey says:

Authentic Sound!… Very very important

lil wassabi says:

me: "i think i should get one"
My wallet: * laughs in broke *

Super Divinus says:

I hate that those beautiful cars only belongs to race tracks. I want to drive it on the public street

Viva Las Vegas says:

Germany makes the BEST unreliable cars in the world……money pit scam!

Hennessy Faust says:

project one is like diablo 3 and 4…
making big announcements, but still taking yrs to complete it…'
get it done or stfu til you get it right ffs…gettin tired of these previes and "music videos"…

Nic Wood says:

Wow the 2018 AMG Project One has started testing, thats awesome!

Tobruk says:

i bet now Mercedes will go back to Le Mans with this, thanks to new hypercar class

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