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Mercedes Benz A Class : Review : PowerDrift

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The A-Class is an entry-level hatchback in the Mercedes-Benz’s range. It is the most affordable of the three-pointed-stars, which offers buyers exquisite looks and lots of bragging rights. This third generation A-Class is front-wheel-drive car based on the Mercedes-Benz new MFA (Modular Front-Wheel Architecture).

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udayn82 says:

Can't believe those panel gaps in front bonnet. Why do we indians accept such poor workmanship. U will never find such things in European models 🙁

shahbaz roshan says:

Can you please suggest whether a class or v40 . which is best??

Sijin Chandran says:

@1:22 OMG That improper Bumper fitting !!!

Kishlay Pathak says:

how much is the ground. clearance?

Sir Udit Choubey says:

And there was time when Ten was still learning!

Manvendra Singh says:

bhaibinterior dikhao to tum to camera hi nhi stable kr paa rhe ho , i prefer autocar india over you

Madhan Srinjeevi says:

Awesome explanation…

MrAniruddhajog says:

How is it as a family car?

adrian coelho says:

Headache by 04:15.
Music too f*******g loud, and distracting.

SanketJ says:

You just didn't talk about the backseat space. I know people won't buy it for that, but still.

saurabh singh says:

Merc-ish "like" ???? experience? r u in another brand? lol u R in a MERC! already.
Lovely review and love the cinematography.

Raghunandan Pai says:

Superb viderography.
I love the word " Air-con Jet wents"

ARK Vlogs says:

Which one u people its better the A class or the GLA ???

C T Reddy says:

Volvo V40 R design (Not Cross Country) or Benz A 200CD diesel. Suggest PD . I want features n mileage in between Benz and V40

rishik changwal says:

Autoportal trying hard to copy Powerdrift's scrpit but fails miserably on quality. Funn!!

C T Reddy says:

Confused to book : Volvo V40 R design (Not Cross Country) or Benz A diesel. Suggest PD . I want features n mileage in between Benz and V40

Goldi Kambale says:

@powerdrift What about the cost of ownership and maintenance? You should consider including these two aspects in your reviews.
A serious buyer will need to know that.

kishan vadodariya says:

same I liked it Rohan, " I need Blazer to step inside….. "

such a Car realy need that attitude to step inside….

Faizaan Mirza says:

The music after 5:13 was ear-orgasmic! It is a sweet disappointment, the launch alert video posted recently was just too loud and was not Merc-ish!

Swapnil Yadav says:

awsm gyzz..!!
perfect method for the review that you gyzz are using..
the way you all works and the way you all are giving the reviews is the fantastic..

rohan rony says:

just loved this review its not about how bigger car you drove its the amount of respect you gave to car before you step in… nice one bro


Music was all that I was hearing while riding behind the A-class in my town until a sudden THRASHHH disturbed the music , coming from classy A-class rubbing a little bit high and very common in India speed breaker !! A hatch touching speed breaker !! (volvo v40 is in close competition though) Apart from that it was a beauty !!

Gagandeep Singh Sokhey says:

Aha.. I liked it Rohan – "I need a blazer to step inside"

3rd axis says:

I am a fan of your videos. Would love to work with you guys for promo

Saurabh Salunke says:

Awesome video…

Lorenzo says:

Funny accent

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