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Mercedes C-Class Coupe 2018 review | Mat Watson Reviews

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Mat gets behind the wheel of the Mercedes C-Class Coupe to give you his verdict on this BMW 4 Series and Lexus RC rival.

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Dan Ellis says:

Nowhere near as good looking as the BMW 4 Series.

Wendell Ortiz says:

The iPad needs to go shits getting old

Junior Mendes says:

I can´t see difference between C class, E class and S class coupes…they have exactly the same design! I think they are amazingly beautiful though!

Marios says:

I did a short 27sec vid of exterior shots for the c class, check it out and tell me what u think ?!

Jay Stone says:

Am I the only one that thinks it looks like a piece of shit!???!

Fatimi amine says:

Hey mat you are welcom to morocco this january 13rd Formula e ,car wow

marquis 187 says:

A vegan like me would love to have this car tho haha

- says:

One thing I don’t like about his channel he never mention if the cars prices are worth it

Emad Ahmed says:

Have you tried opening the boot with the Mercedes logo in the back similar to how you do it on the BMW 6 Series?

RiwenX says:

Considering either this or A/S5. What's wrong with its petrol engines?

jg99ta says:

I love my 2018 C class coupe. One issue I'm having is with Burmester radio. I place it in full surround mode and it won't stay at that setting. It switches the speakers back to front mode. Supposedly Mercedes is to send out a software update.

Harsh Patel says:

can you please review mercedes cla

Segaetsho Segaetsho says:

nice carwow.

Pravin Subba says:

hey Mat!!! I better Get that SUITCASE if I buy a car from you…!!!!!

Messiah Lovre says:

why do I have tears in my eyes this is too much for me to take

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