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Mercedes C-Class Saloon 2018 review | Mat Watson Reviews

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The Mercedes C-Class is a small executive saloon car that’s both luxurious and refined – check out our full 4K review with Mat Watson for the carwow verdict.

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carwow says:

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Berane Srbija says:

W205 c 250 amg

Russ Hanley says:

Are the electric hybrids any good? With the way things are going, it sounds like a smart choice.

Johnny Berggreen says:

How can this be a 2018 review as the title states, when the video was published in 2016? What am I missing?

fasthracing says:

Glad the ride is better in the Sport than the AMG model, shame though you are NOT in a Sport but an AMG model!???

Devansh Sirohiwal says:

Better than Audi A4

Marios says:

I did a short 27sec vid of exterior shots for the c class, check it out and tell me what u think ?!

davor novosel says:

Omg c 300 4matic is almost standard in Canada

Systems Realty Team says:

My 2017 honda accord v6 Touring is a better car

Miki Tereszko says:

It only looks good in real life. It actually doesn’t look good online.

KhaN CepT says:

My dad has a mercedes c200 2017. What is a c200??? Like ive never seen it online or thought they made c200. He bought it in vietnam. Please explain what a c200 is

MoRob says:

It's a 2015 car not 2018, you guys are full of lies ?

Emad Ahmed says:

Mercedes should at least make their cars somewhat distinguishable. It's really hard to tell apart a C, E and S class unless you see the badge or are conscious about its size.

charles cooper says:

Horrible to look at,like a noddy car.BMW or Audi instead . Mercedes have built some wonderful cars,but the current crop look very strange indeed.Sack the designer now!

Farhan Fahim says:

So for interior, which wooded style is this one? Linden Wood?

Richard Wells says:

The car is the AMG version not the Sport !

Y tú que esperabas??? says:

No entiendo nada… :v y el traductor automático no es muy bueno… :/ lastima que no tenga traducción al español, obvio eso cuesta y es poco rentable, amenos que uno de los del equipo del canal lo supiera y le diera una pasada rápida, pero asumo que no es así, como sea, se nota que es un canal de calidad, pero en lo que a mi respecta (uno que no sabe ingles) me quedo de momento con los canales de autos en habla hispana, mis felicitaciones a este canal, de verdad, uno de los mejores canales que he visto… 🙂

dr 70194 says:

Every mercedes outruns bmw in all segments in quality now on.

Abdul Hakim says:

That sat nav Mercedes you can do better with out it garmin sat nav rubbish

Merdzhan Mehmedov says:

Is there ambiant lighting?

MrArchie800 says:

I think carwow and Mat Watson generally do excellent and concise reviews, but one thing never mentioned is reliability and dealer satisfaction ratings. I realise this is probably an intentional omission as you’re a sales outfit (which is fair enough), however for me those points are massively important – especially if you were choosing between something like a Merc, BMW or Audi for example?!

RF Legendary says:

Fuck cvt gearbox

tood nguyen says:

For god sakes Mercedes its fucking 2017 and they still have that shitty screen it takes a fucking genius to sync my dam phone a dam Honda Civic even has a dam touch screen n its fucking 20k for god sakes if your gonna give ppl an unreliable pos car then at least have a dam touch screen in it

Dani Wayne says:

You’re driving the AMG version not the Sport one…I’ve got the same car but full spec.

BenzVlog says:

After watching many youtube videos like this about the C class i went and got my own! Now I’m the one making the videos lol

Mercedes-Benz Haxaco says:

Mercedes-Benz C-Class in Viet Nam: https://goo.gl/Loesfg.

azalru says:

Tesla Model 3 kills this fossil carriage!

Davis r says:

3 series is better if you have driven both

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