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Mercedes C-Class vs BMW 3 Series vs Audi A4 – Carbuyer

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“It’s not enough to just look good and have a premium badge on the bonnet. The best executive cars are also extremely comfortable, quiet and relaxing to drive, powerful but economical with low levels of CO2 emissions.”

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Romeo Mashile says:

Matt has a thing against Mercedes in everyone of his Mercedes reviews

ayyadh moola says:

The amg is better

London Print Centre says:

ummm… 7:17 "noisiest of the lot…" , 7:53 "most relaxing, so quite…" what????

Lucas Sigidi says:

Mercedes.. best or nothing

wtf bich says:

I was about to buy a new 320i until I read up about its problem causing engine and even the Mercedes looked like cheap plastic inside

Alberto Portugal says:

My thing is who is bmw trying to kid or what is it trying to prove with that big face on that little car. It’s almost as if, and actually now typing seems to be correct the most, that the big face on the little car serves to remind that you got a base model and not the boats they would otherwise have you buy. But not you though, not the one with the 3 series with a clown face

Neil Patel says:

Its fine what ur own opinion is, but at least use the same model fucking cars, ur using a fully loaded 3 series with m-sport and everything. While the A4 and C300 are base model. It makes a big difference

Michael Trumph says:

What the fuck is with this bullshit review ???
They took the latest models from BMW and Mercedes and an older model from Audi. Of course it's gonna feel updated.
Regarding the looks, to each his own, but the interior on the BMW totally sucks. It's just some cheap plastic.

BG says:

no way, Mercedes Benz is always a winner. better price with better mark and better value to sell in the end. i do not believe to hear that from this video. The packages are in Mercedes too which make it a better car if they are important with more affordable than BMW. Mercedes is made better. never change Mercedes with any car. how could you make such result?!!

Mr. Gong先生 says:

If u buy Audi..
U should know your car born the oil

Hagzy__ says:

What do people see in an automatic gearbox..? Yes it might be more high tech but you're taking away the whole driving experience

Ruby K says:

Ok here's my opinion as I've owned a 3 series base model, if you get a 3 series get it well equipped otherwise it doesn't feel premium. it's more of a drivers car than the Benz but they don't make the BMW like they used to in the past, they were very solid cars because not many people could afford them. Now they just spit them off the production line and where I'm from every one has them they just lease them then drive the shit out of them and wait for the next person to take over the car. If you get one used their mostly roughly driven might cost more in maintenance. The quality of BMW is cheap compared to the Benz, the new c class Benz is a very solid car, high in luxury, performance is nice there's 3 modes so sport + you can feel it. Ambient lighting is awesome and now they sell the Mercedes logo projector which shines the logo on the floor when the drivers and passengers doors are open. Also you get very good gas mileage with the Benz. The BMW 3 series grill/lights has never changed it makes it so boring after owning it a while. After all if you google it Mercedes was the first car invented by carl Benz. I know how people say it's an old mans car, I can say not the c class the e class and up are for the older clientele. If you move into real amg line which the engine is signed by the person who assembled it those would blow bmw m class or any of it away, here you see 16 year old buying them and modifying it mostly, also the new c class without the premium packages and amg sport package is not a good bet. Some BMW are banged up have broken bumpers and dents in them driving on the road, people buy them then get into fender benders and can't afford to get them fixed. In the end it if you want 1. Performance
2. Luxury
Go for BMW for the money
If you want
1. Luxury
2. Performance
Go for Benz
If you can afford real amg go that much better bet than BMW.
My conclusion
Mercedes Benz All the way Classy + Performance
Now they have the 2017 c350e in hybrid, 275hp, with burmester sound and other options as standard in china they were showing this new hybrid c350e at a value of $100,000 usd fully loaded. Thanks

Nothing Is True Everything is permitted says:

4:04…. I see what you did there ??

Knightwalker The One says:

BMW = Android (the best)
Mercedes = I phone (the prettiest)
Audi = HTC (wtf)

NW Oista says:

The BMW n AUDI looks the same almost for 10 years now. MERC looks new n modern.

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