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Mercedes C-Class VS Chevrolet Malibu – CRASH TEST

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Мелвин says:

That was a nice car

Abdul sattar says:

Why so much hate they are testing the cars safety…

Bulzrael says:

Some people said that Chevy is better than a Mercedes that’s not true put a tmums up if you like Mercedes better than the garbage Chevy

The Dudeface says:

The Mercedes just ate that Vectra.

Bolspech USA says:

2000 Infiniti QX70 vs 2009 Buick Encore crash test

B Witness says:

Auto brake is not there for you to close your eyes and not using your senses. It’s there to bring the speed from 40 Km/h to 20Km/h during the crash. It’s to mitigate further, not for avoidance. The 20km/h test is the illustration of the “autobrake”, in which case the toll on the occupants in the Merc. Is much less. The Malibu didn’t do too bad either. The back of the Malibu was basically curving downwards where the inertia is applied, for most of it anyways. All of these claims are IMO. please no wars over comments. Let’s educate each other, rather than a piss contest against the wind. ??

Кена Кабылдин says:

Мерс трахнул

Luca Tallachan says:

Wow. Mercedes needs to learn to drive

Borahan Boran says:

Sikerim ha ????

rolando castro says:

No se agan uno ba mas lento que el otro

Mathias Cavalcante says:


Daniel AJ -Daniel19280- says:

Those Chevy Malibu are death traps… and really ugly..

SolidRecord728 says:

I bet the 28k was from the Benz alone.

Anis Umairah Abdul Rahim says:

Oh it drivin slow okk

Anis Umairah Abdul Rahim says:

Why they dont have airbags….

Jacqueline Ayoung says:

Wow that Mercedes bence past that test.

Super Trini Gamer says:

What I don't understand is how crash tests are never done over 60mph.

Aida Sulaimanova86 says:

Шивроле говно

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