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Mercedes C Class (W203) Service Light Reset 2000–2007

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http://www.askthemechanic.co.uk/service-lights/index.html How to reset a Mercedes C class service light

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Eero Eenla EEW says:

works fine on W203 C220CDI (y2002) . thank You! (Y)

Mark Sprague says:

Thanks very much that was so easy to do. Awesome.

Greataardvark says:

My 2007 W203 has just started up and instead of the usual black background for the LCD with white writing, now has greyish, faded black as the background and the writing has a yellowish tinge. I can see lines horizontally and the writing lingers a little when changing through the menus. Also my clock time is about an hour behind where it should be. Apparently for no reason in particular. Battery to blame? I checked the fuses, they all seem to be fine.

Steve Wood says:

I have 52 plate c270 and the service break light is on can u reset this or is it more than this thankuu

Vive _ says:

Thank you..

zokobadi says:

hi have a 2006 Mercedes compressor ,my brake light has been off for a while and my restraint system light has been on for a while also ,need your help how to fix it,the car is still running so farthanks a lot

conor hickey says:

Hi. Have a 2007 C200 that has been sitting idle for 2 years. It works but I'm getting warning lights for coolant and ABS. Coolant is fine. Are there sensors that might be damp and where would I find them?Up to it being left idle, it was fully maintained by MB and didn't have any warning lights when it was parked up. It's got 76000 miles on it.

darkappentiss says:

thank you !!!!!!!!!

John P says:

Great !!!! Thank you +++++

Ken Collins says:

Thanks!! Works fine on c180 K Sport edition.

Rui Paulo says:

GREAT. works fine

Makookla says:

Oh thank god. My car keeps beeping at me because I "exceeded service A for 41 days" even though I had it done two months ago.

Thanks, worked on my 06 C280

Lord Smith says:

thank you, is this the same for a CLK 220i CDI 2007 ?

Christopher Hajikakou says:

Thank you very much – worked on my 2002 C200. 

Paul Hill says:

It didn't work on my 2005 c220 :(. when I turn the key to position 2 it says B service exceeded by 500 miles, I then pressed the reset button and it flashed up "reset to factory settings" and nothing changed.

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