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Mercedes C vs smart fortwo – Crash test compatibilità IIHS, Sicurauto.it

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http://www.sicurauto.it – Crash test compatibilità IIHS – Mercedes C vs smart fortwo – 64 km/h
More info: http://www.sicurauto.it/blog/news/crash-test-di-compatibilita-iihs-mercedes-classe-c-vs-smart-fortwo.html

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greg lewis says:

There is no doubting the strength of Smarts passenger compartment. Its a very strong structure. The problem here is declaration. Look how violently the car was thrown back in the direction it was travelling from and the dummies head appearing to contact the steering wheel through the airbag. Survival space sure – but massive deceleration forces on the occupants. In short the smart cabin behaved like a metal bucket being dropped on a hard floor with a couple of eggs inside. The bucket will survive – but the eggs inside will be broken.

thorman944 says:

and that folks is real-world physics in action. the much heavier mercedes speed was slowed, but it continued to move forward at a slower velocity. the lighter smart car immediately began to move backwards. the G forces of going from +30mph to +5mph (net -25mph) in the the mercedes is about half of the G force of going from 30mph to – 15mph (net -45mph) in the smart car. that G force is what causes whiplash and spinal trauma.


who mersedes fan?

NeonBlizzard says:

Smart car is good the silvers I in cs:go

Nathan Stevenson says:

The Browns wish they could punt like this

Joaquin Carrillo says:

"test passed, once again" mercedes commercial hahahahaha

Steve G says:

It's been proven that the Smart Car can take a hit but I believe the shock to your organs will beg to differ!

Steve G says:

Looks like the Mercedes gave the Smart Car a punch in the jaw. I can imagine the driver of the Smart Car saying " I might get knocked into tomorrow!".

Ahmad Albaz says:

Mercedes just knocked that thing out of its socks

Francis D says:

0:40 mercedes logo fly

Edgardo Galetto says:

este choque lo tiene que hacer latinencap

niceguy60 says:

Dummy head bended the Smart steal Shell on the left hand side

niceguy60 says:

I ve seen the new smart commercial crashing a much heavier Class S video, Mercedes, had to cut the video by at least 90%

niceguy60 says:

if a regular vehicle is able to trow back the smart in this way , now Imagine a regular 4×4 , or a 7 seater 
RIP smart Dummy

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