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Mercedes CLS review – Auto Express

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Full review: http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/carreviews/firstdrives/257923/mercedes_cls_350_blueefficiency.html

It’s the original four-door coupé — and now, the CLS is back for its difficult second instalment! Since 2004, a total of 170,00 customers have been seduced by the big Mercedes’ blend of luxury and striking good looks. And it’s inspired the likes of the Porsche Panamera and Audi A7. So can the all-new CLS pick up where its predecessor left off?

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Peerawat Phompan says:

Matt why your voice is so difference?

Ricko Setiadi says:

I just knew it that mat watson used to work for auto express

Madern says:

Lmfao mat Watson been out here reviewing since 2010

Eduardo Valdez says:

surprised that mat is here

MrBimborimbo says:

beautiful looking machine!

The Naked Argonian says:

I normally prefer new things, but my vote in terms of looks and engine intangibles still goes to the W219.


Aren't you from carbuyer

netweed09 says:

It makes the old one look like a choking, sloping dinosaur.

Mercedes have finally brought beauty to the beast!

Colin Mcneil says:

New 220 cls Bluetec . 7 times back to the Newbridge dealership since Jan 2015. Faulty heat shield on starter; recall for gear box washer; parking sensors activated when driving on open road; car alarm active without cause and won't turn off even when the vehicle is being driven; warning to unify tyre pressure when all tyres at 33psi. They said when Ferrari make wonderful road cars (eg 458) they persistently fail in Formula 1 performance. Is the converse the case with mercedes!!!

rscosworthfan says:

it might be 10 percent sleeker than the previous model but its also 10 percent uglier

Raised in the Greens says:

this doesn't even come close to looking as good as the old cls ! they really fucked up the looks of this car !

Mr Kandahar says:

what is actually the difference between cls 250, 350 and 500. I know the motor is bigger, but what more?

Daniel Maia says:

The old design is better but that's what happen when you almost reach the perfect lines, it's difficult to upgrade it so you have to build a whole new concept

jr lion says:

that colour is beautiful on that sku

Rifaie Ahmad says:

i watch this review just because wanna see matt watson

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