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Mercedes CLS vs Audi A7 Sportback – English subtitled

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De confrontatie waar ze bij Audi en Mercedes al lang naar uitkijken! De Audi A7 Sportback neemt het op tegen de nieuwe Mercedes CLS. We vergelijken de gelikte carrosserieën met V6 benzinemotor. Mooie auto’s, mooie motoren en schitterende beelden.

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Michel Bertematis says:

Audi forever ! ?????

Joining Mich says:

400ste like

Paul Stefan says:

The Best 4 door coupe ever made…C L S???

damien de bruin says:

Je moet niet zuren om Mercedes

Laerino Ultra says:

Autoweek = volkswagen audi….. In every review of these knuckleheads when theres an audi against some other brand…. Audi wins… You really cant tell me that a car with a fu&@in volkswagen engine is better than a mercedes benz… Inside and outside. Autoweek is a subjective company that gets horny when a volkswagen or audi are in screen. Pathetic.

Ваше Величество says:

Audi the best!

Christian C says:

Audi Fan here but i can't say a word wrong about the CLS it's a very good looking car 
The truth is you can't go wrong with either of these cars .

Marshel Blaha says:

Deze heren krijgen ook absoluut geen geld om reclame te maken.

turkcepop86 says:

Mercedes rules!

Donald Trump says:

In My Opinion Audi A7 Is The Best Car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aaron Trace says:

CLS has an awesome engine, but everything else is better on the A7

Alaatin61 says:

I filmed the 2014 Audi S7 and RS7 Quattro. Check my channel.

Akan Frankfurt says:

Audi Audi Audi <3 <3 <3 The best coupe of the world 

CSGO MLG pro says:

Audi is the best!!

Nyana11 says:

Woow look at 1:53 behind the CLS on the road !!! you can see BMW is testing the prototyp for the new M4.

Indersen ks says:

audi is super beautiful gud looking features brand new specifications super sexy look such a nice car instead of mercedes such a fucking nuts(cls)

Pioneer53 says:

Audi is not king…Maybe for you but not for many others… Audi is known for what it is since late 90's. Maybe later while mercedes dominated the 70's, 80's etc. And those cars still excist in a lot more numbers than Audi's from that time. You see how many more different models Mercedes has. You see what technical and safety innovations Mercedes has with every new S-classe. I worked with both Mercedes and Audi and the biggest bullshit is: Vorsprung durch Technik


mercedes is mercedes … audi is plaste shit

Frost says:

audi is maybe faster with 4wheel drive

Lorenzo Turatti says:

Two good cars, but the Mercedes CLS looks like of a higher class, the design of this Audi is very trivial… If you look carefully the CLS you think it's really something special

googleccd079 says:

it looks like a bloated fat A4, nothing special, nothing new.
but the benz on the other hand looks classy and special, it looks stunning.

MK CM says:

audi a7 el mejor

loliboli boli says:


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