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Mercedes CLS wrapped in black chrome – Sweet Wrap

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FFF link up with Yianni to obverse the wrapping of a Mercedes CLS in amazing black chrome. Subscribe to FFF – http://bit.ly/YcJRm6

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djmac productions says:

I want a benz G wagon with blk chrome wrap. And matching 26" forgiatos ?

Hanifi Pekince says:

chrome.. check, crazy sound system.. check, l._.- crazy song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JzDkN_PRWgw bumpin check #baller

Bum Bum Tam Tam says:

whose from june 2017?

76ers says:

So when you sell the car, do you say it's White? or Black?

Drê says:

saw a bubble on the bumper ?

Dorin Gavriliuc says:

anybody know how much m2 wrap i need for cls ?

T L S says:

Woulda been nice to get more footage of the car in various places in various lighting

d ingram says:

If its so heat sensitive then wont it eventually start looking misty in the summer and loose some of its shine???

Tee Knight says:

shame he's gonna have to wait FUCKING YEARS to see that sun

Kim Eden says:


Israel Peralta says:

looks stupid.

nightriders92 says:

how much would it cost for the Satin grey wrap?

Kridekel says:

Bunch of fags


Please the cost ?


Ok so that is the Black chrome used for MERCEDES tv ad

Ahmad Hejri says:

lots of bubble and messep up is visible on car !

Shivane PK says:

Bet. Haven't wrapped a Acura ZDX

NexisFilms says:

I know it's all very professional and informative and all,…..
but i just can't get over the litshully bri-ish accent !@ … lol

Stephen Richardson says:

Man awesome job, but I would say the heat gun is getting used to much. For example. You apply heat then stretch witch is not as god as no heat and less stretch. When heat is reapplied after the previous, even heat from the sun the material will gain flex again, and when cooled the memory of the material will cause it to shrink and finger (ripple) along the edges. This could happen in days or months to any part of the car.

David Greenberg says:

What brand wrap are you using?

JayRay00 says:

5:16 – BI TURBO (or bit urbo as it reads) decal looks a little off. The U needs rotating, the T needs to be closer to the U, the I needs to be lowered, the B needs rotating. Otherwise awesome.

Khaleeq Aftab says:

i dont know but this guy is so cringy

NC.Makaveli says:

Hehehhahhheheuehueheheeu wrf u talking bout gaynglish

Mcgyver B says:

Hey the white looked so much better.

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