Mercedes SLR McLaren vs Ferrari GTC4 vs Aston DBS: DRAG RACE

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What a lineup we have for this all-new supercar drag race! Mat’s in the legendary Mercedes SLR McLaren, and he’s lining up against the Ferrari GTC4 Lusso and the Aston Martin DBS! Combined, these incredible machines put down over 2,000hp! What’s more, when new these three cars would have cost a combined £890,000 – so this might be our most expensive drag race EVER! The SLR may be the oldest contender here, but can it still take the challenge to the Ferrari and Aston? There’s only one way to find out… LET’S RACE!

Thanks to Phil for bringing his DBS:


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carwow says:

So which of these marvellous machines would you choose?! Let us know in the COMMENTS!

kurraldii says:

I liked the Sound of the Mercedes SLR McLaren most.

Jayden Thomas says:

The Aston Martin

Aryan Kaushik says:

The Aston martin driver is sleeping

Clayton Hornkohl says:

Unpopular opinion: the slr is butt ugly

Jaali Allen says:

I think the Aston is pretty fast I just think the driver isn’t doing it justice

Burak Guçoğlu says:

i cant lie the slr is still the sexiest and the best

Abdullah Daigle says:

the Aston sounded way way way better

William Pope says:

Slr hit it’s electric speed governor set by factory

P5Master says:

5:34 you are silly XD

PittaBread5 says:

2:57 Tokyo DRIFT

Manav Mandanka says:

Mercedes SLR McLaren sounds the best

Matt H says:

What a stupid ugly Ferrari. Why tf would anyone buy an UGLY Ferrari? There are gorgeous ones for sale for the same $$!

Wassim Ahmed Sista says:

Superleggera! 😍

P G GAUTAM says:

You cheats,you should have taken the 812 not the gt4c lusso

Matt Crick says:

That Fezza sounds absolutely unbelievable on song.

Johaan Avarachan says:

2minutes of intro

Lucid-Eclipze says:

aston the coolest car there change my mind

ctrezzy11 says:

Bro whoever is driving the DBS shouldn’t be allowed to drive ever again.. he sucks lol

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