Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series: German Tyre Killer – /CHRIS HARRIS ON CARS

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Quick trip to France for a spin in the new 630hp SLS AMG at Paul Ricard. It’s a good car to watch and listen to, honest.


teddy roca says:


Cars&Roads UK says:

i believe the engine is the m159.

Dillon brown says:

german engineering my friends… nothing beats it.

Robz1471 says:

CH the best 👌

Aditya Chauhan says:

back when mercs were cool .

Chris Anderson says:

I'd love to see a Black Series AMG GTR

Yeralni Ynoa says:

best car review i seen on the SLS AMG… plus a track, totally awesome stuff …

jizz us says:

In Chris Harris we trust ! In Steve Sutcliffe too 😁

Nikolay Pugev says:

230kk £££ no tyyy TESLA is bether …

Martin Lindgren says:

Magic I just sol my c63 caused by Firths Lawyers for not paying my damage claim

Bvdrou 99 says:

Why when shmee buy this SLS youtube put it in this video

Pablo Fernandez De Valderrama Noriega says:


Will Jolliff says:

And there are still people out there who think AMGs shouldn't be fast on tracks.

Joel Vision says:

Make Mercedes great again

fw1421 says:

AMG knows how to give their fans serious erections!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Woz Mac says:

bonnet is also worn on the head…just like a hood…

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