£MILLION Pagani Huayra with BROKEN Gullwing Door!!!

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Unluckiest Pagani Owner? this 220mph £million supercar cannot shut its door. Its less than a month old! Mr Horacio himself should come and fix it! We want to see this car on the road and driving! So hurry up and FIX IT!
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Tommy Aventador says:


keiko san says:

so this is what you get for lots of money. fkn embarrassing

Marc says:

my eyes hurt everytime they try to close the door

Clorox Bleach says:

Lol my 120k car has better doors than that

Gasser Hashem says:

I felt so bad for him

Here in the middle east we call it the eye العبن which is when someone looks at something and doesnt wish the best this happens

Make Asylums Great Again says:

This car is very underwhelming. It’s like a nice watch that’s it. All it’s rivals kill it in performance but it is still just as expensive.

Kim Jonas says:

Why there is a Filipino talking?

Danny Morales says:

Should've bought a civic

Barta Bhaus says:

Cornfield rubes trying to figure out new technology

Dirk Meyer says:

small lock, big problem 😞

Mohamed Naveeth says:

My red color got same issue

Peppermint says:

Crazy Glue 2£

Griffin Stahura says:

I'll take the car if no one else wants it

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