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mitsubishi colt ralliart vs fiat 500 abarth vs suzuki swift sport vs renault twingo sport fifth gear test

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JDM Enthusiast says:

Idiotic test
suzuki,fiat,mitsubishi have turbos…

Jimbob Randoms says:

yessssss,,,go on colt….i own one ,,:)

Bart ten Thije says:

Love the colt! Its just so reliable!

ELL4EVERuk says:

@orion1983uk you should really try one out, it will put a smile on your face for sure. As an owner of a 1997 colt (no major work done on the car or any problems) I can testify to the quality and reliability of mitsubishi as well.

orion1983uk says:

I previously never paid any attention to Mitsubishi (the Evos don't interest me), but I have to admit the Colt Ralliart has caught my attention, more so after seeing this drag race! When we went looking for our Mazda2, I saw one of these on sale on an adjacent forecourt and wish now I'd taken a test drive. Mods aside, I suspect the Colt will be considerably more reliable and better built than any C2! It definitely seems to be a bit of an underrated gem.

wHAmEz says:

Fucking c2 lol!

John Josh says:

Somehow I found that Swift the most attractive car of all four cars.

Swift such a awesome car!

coltDave says:

colt will always win. even this shit about a C2 with mods? il race ya in my CZT 😛 2k spent in it and pushing out 240bhp how much have you spent on your c2s?

LausHC says:

Fiat 500 Arbath is simply the best… Smart and fast!


@mocanu86 in straight line, everybody claims to be fast…but in the curves is where you can see the real speed…

AutoWorldTube says:

Renault always have stupid drivers !
Dont ever Buy a French car !

Rashnu09 says:

@BizShey lol, end of the day the point is, the c2 vts is cheaper than all of these. Yet the facts prove that the c2 beats most of these. standard it beats the twingo and swift in drag. With the C2 having an advantage of being light, My air intake full system and decat mani with easily give that raliart ago. Also ill still be paying pence on insurance.

Rashnu09 says:

@BizShey Please tell me in what catergory is gets beat in against these cars? okay, on speed the ralliart but it wont be far behind lol. Makes up in alot of other areas. yOUR ARGUMENT IS POINTLESS, YOU HAVE NO EVIDENCE TO SUPPORT ANYTHING YOU'RE SAYING

BALJIT147 says:

why do Europeans always get the gay hatchback versions

Rashnu09 says:

@BizShey lol look at the facts. Group 8 insurance= cheapest to insure, cheapest to buy, quicker than most of them with an N/A engine. Cheap tax, good mpg. You Fail

camaroboy1905 says:

@valetdabess u can see it on ur right idiot dont u see

ultimatecolamix says:

love the mitsubishi, but you realy cant compare it to the Golf GTI, more with the POLO GTI.

AutoWorldTube says:

A Renault compare with an Abarth !!!
i can believe this ! Renault go to kill your self !

salvatore moscariello says:

500 is the best!!!!!

Rashnu09 says:

WTf this is shit! where the fuck is the C2 vts… cheaper than ALL of these and easily close performance to the ralliart! fucking BS show

AutoWorldTube says:

@dt88888d you are this most stupid one in this world Fiat 500 abarth better than you !

AutoWorldTube says:

hhhhhhh Renault

dt88888d says:

fake fake fake
twingo and swift have no power
fiat 500 abarth is one of the most expensive super minis in the world and its shit
colts are ok and bulletproof reliable

pause the video at 1.16, the 500 is well behind all the others
fiat paid these nobs to say their cars the best

rossyt96 says:

wtf, the colt is the fastest and the cheapest by far (£12,500), followed by the swift.
fifth gear talks shit, the fiat 500 are just hyped up crap.
top gear would say "dont buy a fiat or a renault, they are very unreliable""

цуацуа цуацуац says:


Mike says:

mitsubishi colt undeniably looks the best of all. Only downside to it is its price. Just shy of 14k I believe for the highest model ralliart

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