Mitsubishi Evo 8 FQ400 vs. Noble M400 #TBT – Fifth Gear

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It’s #ThrowbackThursday! Vicki has a shootout between the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 8 FQ400 and the Noble M400, but which car will be the quickest round our track?

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Not A Gamer YT says:

Like – Noble M400
Comment – lancer evo VIII MR

Kwezzy says:

I wish we got that version of the evo 8 and the noble. Both cars are beautiful and fast as hell!

Steven Stewart says:

omg shes terrible

love is forever mr unknown says:

lol evo is car that speaks to driver if u want to see the unleashed beast in evo u have to be a good driver at the point driver sucks for evo give it anyother than u😂😂😂

ToyCorp Uk Ebay WorldWide shipping available says:

Anglesey is a tight twisty track that suite the noble best.

R C says:

Wats the weight of that weird looking car?

Eric. E says:


Porsche Collector says:

How many butthurt evo fanboys are here?

Craig Eillison says:

i want to see toyota camry vs arial atom around a go kart track please.

Craig Eillison says:

can't take your granny to the clinic in a Noble though.

Slap-u-silly says:

God i hate that voice

paul hunter says:

evo just looks like a nissan bluebird to me

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