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Mitsubishi Evo vs. Subaru Impreza – Top Gear – BBC

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Click here to watch in HQ: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=he6nTEYBx4k
Jeremy takes us through the new versions of the Mitsubishi Evo and the Subaru Impreza. Both are complicated, both Japanese, both reach 155mph, so how to separate them? Jeremy uses a group of rally fans to help. Lets just hope the scotch egg doesn’t get run over!

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Capone says:

Awesome Video! Check out my Best Of Subaru Impreza Video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=81Zan7ZpYmg&feature=youtu.be

Kevin Crabtree says:

Of course they pick the shit gen domesticated sub and pit it against the best evo

Susmita Singh says:

Love the music during 5:40 and 6:30

Manu says:

arsenal vs chelsea XD

RWBY Ruby rose is my waifu :D Fan says:

The older models looked better :p

vegarosa69 says:

Lancer Evolution…running circles around Wrx/STi for more than 20 years.

CraftMinerKyle says:

The Evo has one problem that the WRX brags the opposite: Evo's clunck out after about 100-200k miles, while WRX is quite more durable.

Mehmet T. Bakkal says:

I admit evo's simplicity and characteristics but im still dissapointing that top gear is not getting serious on subarus like it sounds beatifully amazing if you dont believe me go and watch some videos abaut it and it not looks ugly, to me it looks like a compact hb with rally kits and its looking good actually. And subarus are not tarmac specialist cars they made for gravel but it performs enough in tarmac too; it gives what you want. Evo will perform better in tarmac but in gravel and snow, subaru is better but they testing rally cars only in tarmac.. how do they know which was the actual good? And they didn't even compared the similar versions of cars; evo has 360hp subaru got 300hp and and normal evo has 285hp. Don't get me wrong im not an evo enemy, i love them so much but im a subie guy however, it doesn't matter now. And plus when you get used to a subaru, they really let you know how special they are, even those modern ones just like evos!! But the thing which annoys me in top gear, they never give a chance to subarus to prove themselves…

mr Morgan says:

Can anybody help a brother i have decisions to make a 06 evo 9 thats heavily modded its dynoed at 600hp it looks beautiful but i own a 95 5.0 the motor in this evo with the mods and huge turbo looks like a plumber ran tubes everywhere lol it has upgraded internals exquast turbo ect and is showroom clean carbon fiber hood racing seats ect but 20k for an 06 with 111k on it id like your thoughts its on cargus in addison illinois…orrrr should i go with an 08 shelby gt500 for same price lower miles stock 500hp…iv always wanted an evo ..idk but iv heard after they are modded they will break like a gumball machine toy…so gurus please give your big bro the d…..L ..also considering benz e63amg

Maurice Pigeonviking says:

Through them on a gravel stage and watch your Evo fall apart

Shane_FT86 says:

I like both cars equally. I have an attraction to Subarus, as my family drives subarus. But I love mitsubishis, which started with my friends dad’s starion.

llamateur says:

4:50 liverpool.

Samthesinger 456 says:


Man like Mike says:

People bitching about the colours. There only colours get over it focus on the cars

brandon sullivan says:

What about the sti sedan the would kick the evos ass

ClayRanger143 says:

Music at 2:58?

Raul rangel says:

Very biased opinion against Subaru, "every time".

Sathvik Sarathy says:

This was not fair because the Subaru is a wrx but not the sti and the evo has 360-300 hp

Michael La Falce says:

I would have the mitsubishi

Jeff the crazy 1 says:

How about the new sti and the new evo? Oh wait…

AlexMustang says:

Mitsubishi used to be badass. And then they went soft and boring.

Joseph Fu says:

Wait, what? How much?? 100????!! Are you serious??!


Way to shit on the sti Jesus Christ ?

Yordy Puttanox says:

I still like the evo 9 that was a great car.

MrSupercar55 says:

4:53 Thought he was gonna say Arsenal there. lol

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