Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VIII Vs. Subaru Impreza WRX STI

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Hungary – HungaroRing [2008 – 08 – 09]

1/8 Mile

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devindra rambo says:

that evo VII has a late launch control

The RengarS says:

Subaru Win <3 <3 <3

Afondsix says:

Dommage de ne faire que des runs avec une auto d'abord prevue pour faire des virages ! M'enfin c'est plus dur d'aller vite sur les virages d'une route que sur les lignes droites d'un parking !

Paul Issac says:

Everybody has their own reference to what they would pick. Evo or STi but in all reality when it comes to a v8 muscle gear head starts talking bullshit that whole fan base with Evos and STi start grouping up against v8 gear heads and others that talk crap about these two Japanese imports not being competitive (down talking Evos and Sti). They're both AWD and 4cyl boosted like what's not to like? Every vehicle will have pros and cons but these two cars have made WRC what it is today. They might have different fans but share the same passion. Don't forget that. As some have ⬇️



trent marquez says:

subaru jumped

DoughboyD16 says:

the sti absolutely demolished it tho the evo sounded mean as

Серёга Проценко says:

Чо бля, америкосы бля 😀 

jaden sammy says:

Subaru 4 lyf

Phil Speakman says:

Wow first vid iv sceene were the sti wins iv seene it all now lol evo all day less cost mod better reults for the money

Azza ​ says:

This rivalry people claim needs to stop, it isn't a rivalry, it is a love story.

Sultan Obaidan says:

Evos are cool and sti's are cool. Both cars have potential, both cars are turbo charged AWDs and both cars have their pros and cons. In the end we both are JDM… Keep calm and stay boosted 🙂

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