Modifying the 1993 Toyota Land Cruiser! Cheap Truck Challenge Part 2 – Dirt Every Day Episode 6

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On this episode of Dirt Every Day, Fred Williams gets dirty in his
driveway, preparing the Toyota Land Cruiser for the Cheap Truck
Challenge. He rips apart the old Land Cruiser to install new axle shafts, a winch, a new front bumper and anything else he can manage to squeeze in with the tight budget for Cheap Truck Challenge. Fred also finds a way to fix what he broke in a previous episode. It’s a race against time to see if he can get the car in a competitive form before the event.

Dirt Every Day appears every other Thursday on the Motor Trend channel.


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rebwar08 says:

I hate to see a LX2 80 series without fender flares it makes the truck look like a boney 4runner

Jeebus McJunior says:


Kitty Baldwin says:

Heck yesssssssssssssss TROGDOOOOOOR breaks into heavy metal ballad

Wandering Metalguy says:

so many car problems can be solved with a hammer

RedsBaller says:

I died laughing when he said the 1fz-fe was better than the 3fe.

HighLux says:

Yall need to do more yota things

Pilgrim Prepper says:

I had a Toyota like this one time, I wish I had one again, it's nice to be able to take something off road and not worry about doing thousands of dollars of damage just by scraping a tree branch!

basel pc says:

Bad taste of color

blacksunrise80 brap says:

THERE they are next shot after at night lol shitcanix gloves not latex for grease fred but there u go bud lmao

blacksunrise80 brap says:

dirt every day #1 rule fred latex muhfuckas

blacksunrise80 brap says:

fred wheres ur latex gloves bro lmao

Heidi Story-Kinnun says:

ahh Fred weld the diffs

guy proulx says:

The mighty and legendary Land Cruiser, i would pick this over a Jeep any day

Steven Vanheel says:

I bet he never ever grows weeds in his driveway with all of that degreaser.

Joshua Boldt says:


Jonnypunk00 says:

Randomly watch 3 yr old video – see avalanche they brought back in recent episodes.

Michael Raygoza says:


Matt McNeil says:

Fred, I'm part of the Southwest Pinzgauer Association in central Arizona. If you're in Arizona, hit us up if you'd like to wheel with us.

Nasty business. says:

Paint is shit!

Jeff says:

burninating the peasants hahahahahah

J C says:

is fred making tutorials for toddlers now? last video and this one is a bit silly, I don't think (could be wrong ) anyone watching motor trend needs a 3 minute explanation of how to use engine degreaser

Oliver Khoo says:

tearing the accessories looks fun

Jeffrey Niederle says:


Matej Velican says:

2k$ only for that? No under truck coverage / damage protector?

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