MOST EXPENSIVE FAMILY CAR || KOENIGSEGG GEMERA || 1.9 Million || Original video link in description

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Music by BeatsByTheMob
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aravind swami says:

They are selling this car at 600% profit

きたけんがキタケン says:

What the fuck!
I'm sure this car had 3 cylinders, right?

Manoj m Kannadiga Gamer JM says:

I have this ❤️❤️❤️

Shmuel Yosef says:

I like that a LOT more than the Sian

Jaxx Got It says:

"Family car" 🤣🤣

Ki E-Skate Mods says:

Who’s gonna want to drive a car that’s worth millions around anyways. There’s haters every where, they’ll hate on this so fast. And then it’ll cost millions to fix. Or if they can even repair those carbon fiber body panels

SVGLNR says:

Looks slick!

Rushna Begum says:

That's a sick car I wish i had that

Priojit Robot says:

Best looking Koenigsegg ever for me

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