Mr AMG on the CLS 53! AMG's Hidden Gem!

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New CLS 53! The Flagship Entry Level AMGs in the UK! But it’s hard to discuss the CLS53 without address the missing CLS63, and then discussed where this car sits within the vast models in AMGs modern line up.

Of course this is the Edition 1 of the Mercedes AMG CLS 53, so we’ll explore the unique features of this edition as well as the CLS53 in general.

As with the E63 we reviewed, this is a hybrid AMG. But many assume that hybrid tech means economy and fuel saving, but as AMG have said themselves, they have not added hybrid tech to assist in such things. Their only interest in hybrid systems, is how it can add to their mantra of driving performance and pleasure! And it’s done by marrying Combustion Engine and Electric tech: something that’s coming to future AMGs like the AMG ONE hypercar, and the soon to be revealed AMG A45 S! Here, the addition of the EQ starter alternator does just this, as we will explore on the drive!

So rather than a fat engine CLS by Mercedes Benz, we get a car that’s been developed at AMG, with brakes, suspension, engine, software all done at Affalterbach! The car is also 4matic + full variable AWD like in the E63S but without the drift mode, we’ll talk more about the all wheel drive system on the drive.

In this review we explore:

– The Position of the CLS 53
– Why no New CLS63S?
– The Hybrid tech
– Exterior Design
– Interior
– Edition 1
– Exhaust Revs
– Secret Start Up Sound check
– Full performance review
– Conclusion

Up next on on RBR is the New AMG Super Saloon AMG GT63S 4matic+ Review !! Followed by the insane Aston Martin DBS Superleggera!! Subscribe to support us and see them first. 🙂

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Huge thanks to Mercedes Benz Southend for the car! Please visit them below to see it, and mention we sent you 🙂

Sound effects obtained from
Dj Quads – Game Time NBA2k17

Driving disclaimer:

Please note almost driving shots have been shot in a closed circuit! Please drive safely.


Remove Before Race says:

Pleasantly surprised! What do you guys think? Up next is the GT63S following by DBS Superleggera 😈 We’re a lucky bunch this month aren’t we?! 👍🏼

David Humphries says:

my god!! what a car

Xav911 says:

looks better than the GT 4 doors

Adrian 4 Homes says:

I’m not sure why you don’t have 10M subscribers, cause you have some of the coolest car videos on You/Tube… IMO your videos are second to none.

Kla Ron says:

It’s funny how people gonna find something to complain about lol. 95% of you can’t even afford it 😂

William Van Pelt says:

I bought the 450 and I am delighted with the 367hp, before I had the 350d and you can see a lot of difference, I don't know if the price difference is worth the 53amg with the same 6-cylinder engine

Khushal Khan says:

Fantastic review of a fantastic car Raz. You are the best car YouTuber around right now. Kudos to your efforts.

Your consistent format for each review is powerful as its easy to benchmarks various brands and models against each other.

Bismark Bribi says:

But let's be honest almost all the current generation CLA, CLS, S class , E -class, and the GT series all have the same interior designs especially the dashboard , air vents and sreens

Gipsy Avenger says:

This car looks like a juiced up CLA-45 sedan. Nice looking

William says:

Sound is very good. I definitely prefer the tone of the AMG V6 to the V8.

tompparaideri says:

Such a shame they won’t make a 63s CLS. I don’t like the look of the AMG GT 4 Door.

Jimmy k says:

They killed the cls🙁

Drmicky141 says:

AMG models have too much power for its own good. No car really needs to have more than 400bhp.

Antonio Casano says:

dont know to buy this rather used from 2018 or S500 for the same price from 2015…

Tim K says:

This is one of the best video reviews that I've seen so far. You did a great job of putting the CLS53 within the context of several other competing MB models, which is useful because the nomenclature is not intuitive and it changes over time. The explanation of the hybrid function to boost early speed was fascinating and surprising. I agree that this makes for a great future of performance cars. However, there is a part of me that wonders about reliability of such a new system. I would have liked to see a visual summary of the car's performance statistics, and a discussion of that at the end, after the impressive test drive. The video quality and use of drones was superb. Congratulations. I've subscribed and you're my go-to auto guy now.

HIIIPOWER 000 says:

This a fucking phenomenal car it’s immense

Stuart Lloyd-Jones says:

As its hybrid does it need to be plugged in at night?

Martin Marinov says:

They fucked up my favorite mercedes model

GregoCatal says:

I like everything you said about this car, but I remain a V8 fan. I understand where it's slated. I much prefer this car's lines and styling over the magnificent AMG 63 S GT Coupe.

Talbot says:

This is the A7 killer

Real RockRolla says:

I only hoped that the new GLE 53 AMG will sound exactly like this.And i will buy it

sharoz chaudry says:

I think I'm in love

XXX XXX says:

What is better or what would you pick E53 or CLS53 ? (and why)

Disaster TV says:

I can't even afford the wheel air inlet nozzle cap for this car.

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