Muscle cars vs Supercars Domestic vs Import – drag racing

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Drag race – Muscle cars vs Supercars , domestic vs import,Dodge Demon,Audi R8, McLaren ,Hellcat,Lambo,Jeep SRT,NissanGT-R and more.


Novian P says:

Mostly muscle car can't reach high rpm, so they must be good at launch, that's the only way they can win

Colonel Nightmare says:

Kids who think hellcat is the best car: just know that bodybuilder vs armwrestler is nobody

Swayyyk L says:

That cat came from hell just for the lamb 🥺

mastermason says:

I would still pick a muscle car over a supercar

MrXxS15xX says:

This Audi RS lmao

the one says:

Who's bad ass kids 🤦

Jared Bennett says:

Lambo -1 drivers license-0

Nickolas Velasquez says:

Whoever drove that zl1 Don’t know how to drive 😂

Vega Vega says:

Tuned domestic vs stock imports 🤣

h i says:

7:23 hellcat crushed that kid's dream

boitumelo motsomane says:

That audi didn't give the hellcat a chance

Jd Navratil says:

i now know to never mess with a GT-R

Nic.County says:

0:56 when u gotta drop your kids off at school but also meet with the boys

jjs777fzr says:

@2:45 watching the 4dr sedan beat the GT-R. Ayup. LOL

elijah koehrer says:

:55 not the track hawk vs a 720s shit had me flying

Muzzammil Ismail says:


allblackwitthenapps says:

“EH?” Lmaooo

James Barratt says:

Get right out of that sports car. Pour petrol inside the thing and throw a match at it. Your cars shit. A family SUV just nailed you.

Keithon Jackson says:

Why the camero look like it just gave up after the gtr took off

Isaiah WTube says:

The only bad thing ab muscle cars is they have so much power and acceleration that they spin tires

Isaiah WTube says:

I love how a mclaren got beat by a SUV

The Arctic Foxxo says:

2:04 watch the bottom left of the screen

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