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Mustang Crashes leaving Cars and Coffee Chicago

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This mustang gave it just a little too much gas this time… Please don’t do this, just give your car a good acceleration and there was a Pontiac GTO that did the same thing before, luckily he didn’t hit anything and no one was hurt

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Kendall White says:

Wow mustang glad u got out and made sure the guy in the car u hit was ok. POS

Ersin can says:

idiot driver

Edward Joseph says:

Well we all know where this was going once it pulled up to the exit

Neverquiter 6 says:

lol that nigger probably rent that shitty mustang.


Wow a mustang what a surprise

Smooth ASMR says:

Dang they just wanted to enjoy some cars, coffee and maybe a donut.

Ryan Baldwin says:

Where are the cops when these douchebags get together?

Bob M says:


TPG2009 says:

Every time. Every f*ckin time! 😀

Frank Pagano says:

what are you throwing your arms around like that for? it's your own damn fault dummy

cviera2010 says:

Never drive a car you can't control

agentd36 says:

It shouldn’t be that hard to drive a car that most middle class parents give their 16 year old daughters

prosimulate says:

Wow in less than 60 seconds so… Gone in 5 seconds, Cage was not driving!

Jake Herington says:

Why do cars crash so often after shows like these??

Idk my name says:

Why this people cant go with his car to an empty place and practice their RWD car??? I just dont get it man, its like they grab the car and wtf uthink? instantly u know how to drive that shit? RWD. FWD, AWD, all cars behave different even between brands the shit changes.

ぱbぉ ぱbぉ says:

Nothing new

Noble Vigilance says:

Must’ve been his first day with his license :/

Anthony Cintron says:

Lmaooo why does it always got to be a mustang????

Mike Carbaugh says:

Oh wow a mustang crashed leaving a car meet!? No way!
In other news, the earth is round

Ghtrvsa says:

What a tool. That's what you get for driving a shitbox.

Rafael Yepez says:

Why some mustang drivers are idiots

Anonymous1 says:

That's smart.

Faithlez says:

That wasn't the car, that was the driver. Mustangs are ruined by idiot drivers.

Gerry K says:

Let's hope this idiot enjoys taking the bus.

Luis Enrique says:



VanquishedAgain says:

Hey, it wouldn't be a mustang video if it didn't end in a crash, right? lol

Dimsum says:

That driver went audi real quick

anthony n says:

Retarded mustang driver if I was the other guy in the car I would beat the fuck outta him

MajorLeague says:

Why y'all gotta be racist against mustangs like that. There was an idiot in there. It could have happened to any car.

Ryan Kovacs says:

Lol after daily driving one of these, you can really study these videos to see how he screwed up. Basically, he goofed by disabling traction control and leaving advancetrac enabled…. You can see he started to come out with a nice burnout/drift, but then as soon as he countersteered his drift, the advancetrack kicked in and stabilized the car. You can see the driver attempt to countersteer the adjustment, but it's too late. He would've been fine with everything enabled or everything disabled…. Gotta understand your nannies before you total your car.

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