Mustang GT500 car review – Top Gear – BBC

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Richard takes the Ford Mustang GT500 out on the Top Gear test track. But how does it compare to its classic rival? And what will The Stig make of it once he gets behind the wheel?

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Eram Ahmed says:

Morons dont know how a dyno works

Kevin Degroot says:

Mustangs are for women and douchbags that crash into people and walls. CORVETTE OVER gaystang. ANYDAY

Sean Allen says:

Cobra, the king of a crowd killings


Course you know what they say about British cars, right? If there's no oil underneath the car, there's no oil in the car

3dgar 7eandro says:

I would have one of those if I was one of those people that looked to my sister I think…. Mmmmmm????

Brian O'connor says:

the guy owns a mustang, nough said!

Bubo 25 says:

A car named after a horse, covered in snakes, and backing music with cat growls???

sheryl_lori ellingson says:

Is this announcer for real? HE is the one who is lame.

Austin Smith says:

I like how they're afraid of cars with a solid rear end

Sun Jarang says:

That horsepower is to wheel

Ardhana Hariwidagdo says:

I'll never buy any of those

Aaron Vargas says:

Thats so disrespectful to write on the car with a sharpie.

David Buschhorn says:

I'm assuming the GT500 is a completely different car in the UK. The 5.4L V8 was never offered in the GT.
The American GT and Shelby both come standard with limited slip (and always have) so I can't imagine what sort of bargain basement GT500 they ordered.
Even the OLD Cobras had independent rear suspensions, but guess what racers did? Swapped them out for live axles because it saves over 800 pounds of weight! That's why the GT gets through the corners faster than the Camaro and the Challenger. It weighs half a ton less ๐Ÿ™‚

mathew jvk says:

My dream car the old one not the new one

jason wise says:

theres no such thing as a gt 390

Jdm Suspects says:

They donโ€™t understand that BHP is crank hp which is what the engine makes and there is a loss of power through the drivetrain making WHP so ya 440 is reasonable

Miguel Rodriguez says:


Mike D says:

ugly junk.
mustang has never been a real performance car.
outdone at every corner by GM,and Mopar its entire life,to this day.

Verrys Aidan says:

The mustang got beam axle

Verrys Aidan says:

Mustang is a deadly car,because the new one was a death trap when going out of car meet,because mustang has a crowd killer wich meens it always ran over people when it's going out of a car meet

Why Me says:

What is sad is that they could have started independent suspension back in 68 but Carroll Shelby say the two hundred dollar option was a extra expensive and no one would want to pay for it. How wrong he was, my 70 independent suspension will cost me 3000.00 to up grade.

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