My Dream First Drive in the MCLAREN SABRE! Epic Hypercar Convoy with Triple F

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My dream of a perfect car day out would be something like getting behind the wheel of the new McLaren Sabre in a ludicrous hypercar convoy, and thanks to the Triple F Collection that dream has become reality! With the Bugatti, Koenigsegg, Pagani and more leading the way, let’s see what the Sabre is all about.

The McLaren Sabre is a special limited edition run of just 15 units that were commissioned with MSO by the customers in the USA, as such it’s built to US homologation standards and all the cars are in the country. Based on the underpinnings of the McLaren Senna but no ordinary Senna as I’ve experienced during the drive. It’s powered by the 4.0l TT V8 that now makes 835hp and 800Nm, but wearing a substantially reworked body that it’s fair to say is much prettier, while incorporating elements of styling from LPM1.

The front is more reminiscent of that found on the newer Speedtail and Elva, while the rear wears an absolutely gigantic wing with taillights representing the upright supports. The wheels are a specific set that’s diamond machined for the Sabre and in this case, the Triple F Collection have already put the car on winter tyres for the weather in Ohio!

It would be a special opportunity to go out for a drive in the McLaren Sabre in any circumstances, but to do so in such an epic convoy is verging on insanity. With the other 5 cars including the Bugatti Chiron, Pagani Huayra BC Macchina Volante, full carbon McLaren P1, Koenigsegg Regera and Porsche 918 Spyder, the sight on the roads is truly something to behold.

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00:54 Cars Out
04:30 Sabre Walkaround
07:45 Warm Up
09:49 On the Road
15:21 Taco Bell Checkpoint
16:38 Back on the Move
19:29 Final Details
21:50 Conclusion

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Shmee150 says:

Epic, epic, epic! It doesn't really get much more insane than this. What a day with the Triple F Collection, you must check them out if you haven't already!

Christopher Miller says:

I just seen the sabre at a gas station in Delaware oh. Absolutely beautiful car

Neeraj Binu says:

not giving it any hate but to me it looks like an Apollo IE had a child with a McLaren Artura

Haztekk Music says:

I would be completely terrified to drive any of these. Hitting a pot hole is like 50k damage.

Haztekk Music says:

Wait the P1 was made 2 years after the McLaren F1? lol or are you not considering the F1 a road car? I'm confused.


The wheels are SO AWFUL! What is the problem with these car manufacturers and the horrendous wheels? I don’t get it. Why design cars like these then throw these awful horrible wheels on them? Completely insane.

Emre5 JDM says:

The Sabre looks like a gta car that was customized in ls customs

Paul Mueller says:

Remember when $1M dollars seemed like a Lot of Money? This is the Game Changer, PERIOD

Paul Mueller says:

Good video,It was interesting to finally see the family that owns OHIO.

ryan dewit says:

i just can't watch this guy any more, i don't know what it is.

Nick Humphrey says:

Hi Guys im a pillock

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komal hooda says:

Can you buy a devil car

Nelson says:

The p1 has to be the best looking modern super car. What a masterpiece

M says:

Got nuthin’ on my 2006 Chrysler town & country

Confused Oxygen says:

Much aero, many wing. I like

Luis Roig says:

The Mclaren look like Senna Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo in a way.

Jarrid Gable says:

Every knows it's pronounced "Saw-Bray" not "Say-Burr"

Marc Adams says:

Absolutely unreal.

Johnny Black says:

Fast and furious in real life!

anyo1994 says:

What’s the difference between a sabre and speed tail ? Why would u choose one or the other? Prices everything

Tropixx_XLR says:

The Sabre looks absolutely epic!!

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