My FIRST DRIVE in the AMG GT Black Series! Future Arrival in My Garage

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The brand new AMG GT Black Series has landed, and where better to head than the track for a first drive in the future addition to my garage! Join me to discover the new supercar inside out with a full walkaround, run through of all the details, and an opportunity to push it and experience what it’s all about.

The Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series is the 6th model to wear the elusive Black Series badge, following the mighty SLS Black Series but with a long hiatus in between. Based on the AMG GT platform it dials things up a huge whack; with a new flat plane crank Biturbo V8 the power is up to 730hp and 800Nm, from 585hp and 700Nm in the GT R Pro, producing numbers like a 0-200km/h (124mph) in under 9 seconds and a top speed of 330km/h (205mph).

Naturally being the ultimate expression of track performance, it’s all about the aerodynamics with a manually adjustable front splitter that extends 7cms and holds in place with stablisers to the gigantic front grille, matched to a vast rear wing even featuring an active aero flap in the centre of the upper deck. Cooling comes in the form of a setup inherited from the successful AMG GT3 race car and features large outlets in the bonnet, along with numerous other aerodynamic elements throughout the car. The interior matches with a titanium roll cage, bucket seats and harnesses, while the car is also fitted with a new set of Michelin Sport Cup 2 R rubber for the ultimate performance.

To put it to the test, we’re at the Lausitzring in Germany with the opportunity to drive the AMG Magmabeam cars while giving chase to Bernd Schneider, 5 time DTM Champion. After a quick look around it’s time to get straight out for a feel of what it’s all about before returning to explore the full ins and outs in more detail.

The character is hugely different from that of the GT R Pro, with everything clearly dialed up to be more extreme. The increased power gives a significantly larger shove in the back and the cornering grip is to a new level, while the braking leaves you breathless thanks to the immense stopping power. The car is incredibly easy to drive fast, straight away, albeit with an exceptionally irritating engine sound playback through the speakers. That doesn’t detract from an epic experience, and one that I cannot wait to experience more frequently when mine arrives in the garage!

Thanks for watching, Tim



Shmee150 says:

It's the 6th Black Series model, soon to be a new arrival in my garage… and now it's time for a first drive to see what the new AMG GT Black Series is like! What do you think, excited to see the Solarbeam Shmeemobile?!


I thought it was yellow? 🤔

Anupama Patil says:

Black series amg gtr isbtge worst sounding v8 🤢

3eeeDee says:

Does anyone notice Shmee does these really constant, quick, inhales?

JP DW says:

Let me explain it once again: it looks like no one knows the difference between exhaust sound and motor sound! The louder your exhaust sound the les you hear from your engine. 😉 It all depends on what you prefer.

Aaron Wolf says:

Did anyone notice people making video in the background at 12:17

Thales Stroppa says:

Those Mercedes digital dials design is ugly as hell

DeLLaware -inc IN GOD WE TRUST says:

Wow you should be quiet mean awhile you driving..
FAILURE to show the audience the hood again.. we deserve to seen the engine compartment dammit

Joao Ferreira says:

Can you modify this Car?

Hen zo says:

In silver color looks better

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