My First Drive in the Koenigsegg Agera R [X6 Tour Episode 06]

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Some days are just amazing, and this turned out to be one of them! We headed over to PACE Germany, the Koenigsegg Dealer to join them for a small convoy heading towards the start point of Rallye Germania, and that meant the opportunity for me to take the wheel of the Koenigsegg Agera R Speedracer!

Driving alongside another Agera R, Porsche 918 Spyder, Bugatti Veyron Pur Sang and some other cars, it was more an insane experience than an actual opportunity to ‘road test’ the car – I certainly hope such an occasion comes along in future.

But for now, jump along with me for the excitement of the day… which doesn’t end there. Oh no, we arrive at the hotel in Dusseldorf for the cars to arrive, which include 5 Koenigseggs, LaFerrari, 3 918 Spyders, McLaren P1, 2 Veyrons, and many more supercars, before the very kind owner of the McLaren P1 allows me to take that for a short drive too!

Wow, what a day… what a day!

Thanks for watching, Tim



WISI says:

Who watches it in 2020 and think this Car is insane like 2020 Hypercars?

Joseph Thompson says:

A freaking Bugatti what!!!🙂🙂🙂😍😍

Joseph Thompson says:

When I saw the KOENIGSEGG I was like whaaat

Joseph Thompson says:

Fin awesome rides sexy

Joseph Thompson says:

Fav car love this shmee guy

JoJo says:

It’s my dream to own a CCX or any agera later on in my life😍

ジャスティス.458.Ferrari says:


tyo yusuf8 says:

go to ddsulawesi

Md Daanish says:

11:28 that windshield looks same as on a learjet.

Big Dee says:

Loved that white Laferrari

Detective19 Kudo96 says:

The sound is like you want to hear it in every morning when you drive koenigsegg agora r😍😍😍😍😍

Detective19 Kudo96 says:

One of the most beautiful car I've ever seen 😍😍😍😍😍

The Luka says:

Shmee whole video :,,look I am in Agera r look! “

Van Dorp Exclusive Automobiles says:

Still watching this with a smile on my face, what a car, what an experience. Cool stuff 🙂

Always learning says:

Drive 2k hp in one day! This is epic!

j Walster says:


Bill Granddaddy says:

WOW!!! What an incredible day! That was epic! Hope you checked this day off on your Bucket List! Two very special supercars in one day! EPIC!!!!

hamdan Khan says:

B n.a. sand weeding

Y'all Way says:

Thinking shmee is a blue blood

Raihan Rahman says:

Why is there 248 dislikes ? !! , I don't understand , how can you " NOT " , like this video …


Wowowow this car Pagani Ferrari Lambo so so sick! You have a great job Sir!

Allen Saunders says:

One of the best car vids anymore has ever made epic cars and drives

SISTIC1 says:

These overpriced vehicles are more of a status symbol than anything else!

SISTIC1 says:

I’m currently saving for one. If I eat just once a day, live at my parents house and refrain from a few night out’s I may get one this time next century!

Good Question says:

Damn. You are lucky my fav supercar is Agera R

Antoine says:

Fav spec i've seen on a Agera R. So lucky.

eno yt says:

Can some one pls send to me a link that I can see how can this car koggneseg go reverse pls any link the shows how to go reverse on a koggneseg please send it to replies I'll subcribe to everyone who sends links pls do this!!!!!

Jonah Ghost says:

damn that p1 is nicelove the speedometer

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